BF3 Dinosaurs vs. Black Ops 2 Zombies

Is everyone getting carried away with the whole dinosaurs mode idea in Battlefield 3? Right now, there are multiple threads up on Battlelog with players begging DICE to make this a reality, but do we really want DICE to give in and essentially make a Battlefield version of COD Zombies?

To fill you in if you have no idea what we’re talking about, see our previous article here which lists some evidence why a dinosaur survival mode is a real possibility for the coming Aftermath DLC expansion. The real excitement began when DICE’s community manager decided to post this message on Reddit:

”Glad to see the enthusiasm. Really, though, if this is something you guys want the best way to go about it is to try to get #BF3Dinos off the ground on Twitter. If that **** trends it’s pretty hard to ignore.”

Right now, Battlefield 3 is quite a happy place we’d say. After the troubles of previous patch updates, the addition of four brand new maps and 10 new weapons seems to have lightened the mood somewhat. Anticipation for Armored Kill is as high as ever, although we still have a few months to wait until that arrives in September.

As a regular Battlefield player though, would you admit that you would want to see a Battlefield alternative to Call of Duty zombies, or should Battlefield carry on as normal avoiding this massive ‘game changer’ to the franchise. The idea of surviving multiple dinosaur attacks with your friends on current BF3 maps is an interesting one, but we can’t help but feel it may be a little gimmicky.

Perhaps DICE feels the same way, since it would be a massive change up to the game and they just threw that up on Reddit to test the waters with community reaction. Some Battlefield 3 players may not want to be associated with any sort of comparisons with Call of Duty zombies, while others would obviously love for DICE to make this change.

It’s no secret that zombies has turned into a phenomenon for Treyarch and Activision, so does EA want a piece of the survival co-op action with their primary franchise too? Dinosaurs in Battlefield has ‘big risk’ written all over it, but it all depends how DICE implements it to work with their current system – providing it happens of course.

Do you want a zombie survival style, dinosaurs add-on to Battlefield 3 or is this a terrible idea?



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