Battlefield 3 Close Quarters C4 fun vs frustration

By Alan Ng - Jun 21, 2012

After playing Close Quarters on BF3 for a few weeks now, we have decided that it’s a lot of fun. Conquest Domination and Gun Master are great additions to the game, but if there is one possible criticism to make, it is clearly the frequent use of C4 in the new maps.

If you have played Close Quarters on Battlefield Premium already, you’ll know what we are talking about here. Since the new Conquest Domination mode introduces smaller flags to the popular Conquest mode, Support players have been going nuts on loading up flags with C4 so that when the enemy arrives at a flag, you can set off the C4 for some very easy and arguably ‘cheap’ kills.

Is it really a cheap way of playing the game though, or just good defense? That is the argument that seems to be going on right now and it’s clear that a lot of people are not happy with this aspect essentially ‘ruining’ the new maps for some. At the same time, it is not exactly hard to solve the situation either if you are a clever player.

All it takes is a grenade or two to take out the C4 before you enter a site, or it’s even better if you have an engineer on your team who can clear out all of the C4 with a single rocket. If you have been using the C4 tactics since Close Quarters released, you will probably tell us that it is a lot of fun and part of the game. How will DICE view the situation though?

We would find it hard to believe that DICE would simply ban the C4 from Close Quarters maps, so the only way around this is to get smarter and perhaps not play so aggressive on the four new maps, although this can be hard to avoid given the frantic nature.

Do you see C4 flag spamming as a great tactic, or just a cheap way of playing the game folks?

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  • Guest

    I love it.
    The dumbasses who complain about it fall for the trick over and over and never wise up.
    Like the article says, all it takes is a grenade or a rocket to clear it out.

  • Lolz ^

    It’s part of the game……………

  • Manoenfuego

    yeah stop crying, personally I’ve been killed oh too many times by that tactic, but it’s my own fault, we have a saying in my country: what is equal isn’t cheap, or cheat. 

  • Flingme

    just throw a nade problem solved. no need to be a total noob being blind all the time.

  • Christopher Chalek

    Super cheap, I’d love to see C4 disappear within the capture area. I know its fairly easy to solve, its just a shame people don’t have the necessary sportsmanship or skill to play the game as it was meant to be played.

  • Guest

    i dont mind it at all, its cheap, yes, but two can play at that game, use C4, or claymores
    or let your mates into the capture zone first, let them die from a cheap C4 kill