2012 iMac unlikely reason for store meetings

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 20, 2012

It’s easy to get excited when you hear Apple is calling a meeting for their store employees, and preceding WWDC we heard that there would be a refresh for nearly all of Apple’s Mac computers. This included a new iMac for 2012 and also a new Mac Mini, but this didn’t happen at the event itself and leads some bloggers to wonder if the June 24 Apple Store meetings will be about new products?

Widespread reports are not clear if this meeting will involve all 250 US Apple Stores, although it’s very usual for Apple to hold “all-hands meetings“, which is exactly why some tech enthusiasts are getting excited, especially if they are after a new iMac or Mac Mini in 2012. This rumor contradicts what we’ve heard before about both the Mac Pro and Mac Mini skipping a refresh this year, which one commenter claimed they’d spoken to Tim Cook by email and he stated something is coming for 2013.

Apple’s plans have been confirmed by more than one person, this article reports, and it looks like the meetings should involve most stores although some locations would need to set a different date thanks to conflicting schedules, which could rule out a live stream. One twist is that some locations will use a meeting place other than an Apple Store, and this includes the Boston flagship store renting a theater so they can present the meeting using a projector and other equipment. It has not been confirmed how many stores will also rent places rather than use an Apple Store.

Whatever happens this Sunday it’s clear this is a big deal for employees, and while we’d love to see a revamped iMac for 2012, our opinion is that this is most likely a presentation involving Apple’s new head of retail, John Browett, and motivating employees towards the next year at Apple.

Would you like a new Apple product launched following this meeting, and if so what would that product be?

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  • Scottie03

    I am switching from PC to Mac. I will wait until late July if necessary for the iMac with Ivy Bridge. I don’t want to buy an iMac with Sandy Bridge…

  • Evan

    Here is an interesting pattern some might want to note.

    Apple “all hands meeting” sometime between Feb22-Feb25
    Ipad 3 launch date March 7th. 

    Apple “all hands meeting” May 22nd.  
    rMBP launch date June 11th.

    Apple “all hands meeting” June 24th
    iMac launch date ??July??(with or prior to an already announced OS update)

    All this talk of “apple doesn’t hold all hands meeting prior to product launch” is complete bologna. 

    Its to bad this article did not look at the recent 6month history of Apple and its “all hands meetings” in relation to their last 3 product launches..  No research whatsoever gone into this article.  Its a damn shame… 

    I honestly hope this guy was not paid for this.  

  • Gone back

    I gave up and bought/made a pc. I was really loth to but the snail pace of a new release and cheapness of doing it forced my hand. If/when a new improved iMac comes out I may go back but from what I read in the blogs expectations of a great leap forward aren’t great :(.

    • zazou

      I was also waiting….  Went ahead and bought the Dell 27″ AIO….  Excellent system.. Glad I made the decision.  I might go back to Mac in about three more years after the Dell gets old.

  • baby brain

    I feel more sorry for people who were expecting a decent upgrade for the mac pro than I do for the imac. Those guys have waited years now… and they’re still waiting.

  • I’ve been waiting for a new iMac too, and I’m not going to be able to wait much longer. I can do without a redesign, but I at least need to see a speed bump so I’m not paying full price for 2011 tech.

  • Primordialstuff

    New iMac please. This is ridiculous.

  • Rbell38340

    I was one of the one’s who was disappointed that there was no new iMac. I am ready to make my full transition to Mac. I’ve had several iPod Touch’s, three iPhones, and two iPads including the latest. I can’t see buying an iMac now with a new one due out soon.

  • harvard

    I waited for the new Imac for 4 months, and still haven’t been released. I NEED IT BEFORE SCHOOL NEXT YEAR. 

  • Adam Easter

    Check this out:  When in the Apple store, click on Mac Pro. Underneath the pricing section, click “compare.” Two Mac Pros line up against one iMac. Notice the iMac’s specs. They are not available on any iMac right now.

    • You’re right. I was hoping they’d reveal a retina display, but no such luck.

      I’m in the market to replace my four-year-old iMac or, barring that, my three-year-old 13″ MacBook Pro. The iPhone has spoiled me on the retina display, so I don’t want to get an “old-fashioned” monitor. Right now my only option is the 15″ MBP retina, and I don’t want to spend that much on a laptop if I’m going to end up buying a desktop as well (I do sorta need both). 

      Hurry up, Tim. 

    • Williamagates

      They look like pre 2011 specs.  The old (2009) ATI video card and a 2.8GHz i7 tells me this is old tech.

  • Howard

    iMac – waiting ……………..

  • Rockbirdvo

    I’m also waiting for a new iMac, not prepared to buy at this late stage knowing something is just around the corner…but just how far away is that corner??? C’mon new iMac, I can’t wait!!!

  • Lawrence Hufty

    I was so disappointed when Apple didn’t roll out a new iMac at WWDC. So, my 5 year old sits here, struggling to do what I need it to do. But, at this point, I refuse to buy a new one. I pray that Apple will bring out an iMac sooner than later.

  • Ffjjhgf


  • Imac

    iMac before Christmas time

  • I have been patiently waiting for the new iMac’s. I have already held off buying a few months thinking the refresh would have come at WWDC and now it looks like I’ll have an even longer wait 🙁