Sony PS4 Vs Xbox 720 RAM insight from rumors

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2012

Following on from the Xbox 720 leak that has got everyone talking at the moment, another alleged insider is back with yet more juicy gossip. This time, we hear of potential hardware specifications for both next-gen consoles, along with claims that Microsoft may end up with a system that has more RAM than the PS4.

If you read the original leak, you would have heard that the next Xbox is rumored to be priced at $299 and will bring innovative new features to the table such as augmented reality through a pair of specially designed glasses.

Now though, some additional information has been posted to the NeoGaf forums, with the poster claiming that the information is more or less ‘set in stone’. The next Xbox under the codename Durango is once again mentioned, as is a AMD-based CPU detailing 6-8 cores, 3-4 GB of RAM and a potential 1-1.2 teraflops in processing power.

Similar specs for Sony’s next gen PS4 have also been mentioned in comparison as well. Codenamed Orbis to again fall in line with previous rumors, Sony will apparently be using a AMD CPU with 4 cores and the x-86 architecture. Graphics have been detailed as a AMD-based GPU 1150 SPU, but the surprising aspect of this latest leak is that the PS4 may only have 2GB of DDR5 RAM, compared to the next Xbox which may end up with double that.

There is obviously a lot of ‘may have’ being used here, so it’s a good idea to keep an open mind on this. This leak could out to be completely false of course, but then again there may be some truth to it in the months to come. Will it be a big surprise to you if Sony does end up using less RAM on the PS4 compared to the Xbox 720?

We have been hearing one additional piece of information on the fact that Microsoft may need more RAM and CPU to power the likes of the Kinect 2, the OS that Microsoft will be using and of course the plethora of Xbox TV apps that will be coming as part of SmartGlass as well.

Once again, this is a rumor at this point until more concrete evidence is revealed. Right now, all we have to go on is this alleged insider. What is up for discussion though is the use of RAM in next-gen consoles. Will Microsoft have the upper hand, purely by having the most RAM on board compared to Sony’s console?

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  • Sarmad

    It will be crazy for both companies not to put 8gb ram, something that is nowadays very standard in PCs.

  • KingOfTheRobots

    more ram doesnt mean faster…. neither more cores, though it sounds better lol

    • KingOfTheRobots

      i’m more interested in the gpu’s ram than the system’s ram. suppose slow ram is cheap as chips  

    • More RAM does mean more capable. More RAM means more detailed textures, for example.

      • KingOfTheRobots

        yeah if its the ram of the gpu not the system ram. and no more ram doesnt mean more capable.
        do you know anything about ict?? can you tell me why computers use binary??
        more ram = better textures trolllololollo
        ill take two of what your on

        • “640K ought to be enough for anybody.” — @f92a0660ecef3ff70bad50ca54dc719f:disqus 

          Oh, you’re one of those types. I didn’t realize more RAM was a bad thing. My bad.

      • Clayhp

        go read a book

  • Nicekishore98

    Xbox 720 is gonna be electrifying .get ready . I am waiting for 2013