iPhone 5 smoking gun inside iOS 6

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 19, 2012

Being an iOS developer gives you some insight into new features for iOS 6 and provides access to the code, which can show signs of future devices including the iPhone 5. Being a developer ourselves we could have shouted right away that the new Auto Layout feature within iOS 6 could signal a new iPhone 5 display size, although it’s not totally clear considering the difference screen resolutions on Apple devices.

The iPhone 4S/4 might have the same 960×640 resolution, but the aging 3GS only has 480×320, so giving developers the ability to cater to different resolutions could be a change in iOS 6 to help deliver a better experience when using apps on various devices. You can already see plenty of apps that work on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from one download.

Auto Layout could allow apps to work on all iOS platforms – imagine building one app and submitting it via iTunes Connect, which can then work perfectly on all iOS platforms? This could be the different iPhones to a new Apple HDTV in the future, and with Apple expanding their reach on many platforms it makes sense to offer something more fluid. We’ve wanted apps on the Apple TV for a long time and it has never come, but Apple could be saving this feature for a fully fledged Apple HDTV within the next year.

Apple iPhone 5 smoking gun inside iOS 6 – it’s the view of some developers that the Auto Layout feature is clearly a sign towards a bigger iPhone 5 display, which could be the new 16:9 screen we’ve been hearing about. They could be right and this change might scream new device sizes when we get a release date later this year, although this could also be part of Apple’s plan to make developing apps easier and being able to download one app for all screen resolutions.

Do you think the Auto Layout feature in iOS 6 is a smoking gun for iPhone 5 at 4-inches, a way for Apple to play catch up with development problems, or could it be a bit of both?

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  • Tony_unt

    Im now worrying that all my docking bay devices at home and car that I play my Iphone from will be compatable with the size increase.. I dont, like many others i have talked too, need a much larger phone and at what stage do you say enough is enough I want to make calls to people and text people I dont need a wide screen TV around my ear and in my pocket!!! But its Apple.. and they have me engrosed and hypnotised now so

    • dodgebizkit

      well stick with your 4s its not like its going to be obsoleted any time soon.

  • Shhh

    3.5 or 4 inches? That’s still puny in size and virtually insignificant. They’re adding a difference only for the sake of change not practicality. I guess Appleshaw ideology is that if you want bigger then buy their ipad?!

    • Wah

      In your post I heard: “I need to validate my retarded decision to buy a hacked together android based samsung phone that crashes every odd second and does not fit into any pocket smaller than my retro-inspired fanny pack, so I troll apple news websites like a homeless puppy”

      Aw…  🙁