Improving Frostbite 2 graphics on Sony PS4, Xbox 720 vs PC

The graphics featured on the PC version of Battlefield 3 are pretty impressive, the majority of gaming fans will agree with that. That’s thanks to the new Frostbite 2 engine of course and the good news is that DICE has said that this is only the beginning in terms of the engine’s potential.

EA exec Patrick Soderlund has been speaking about their Frostbite 2 engine in a recent interview, revealing the excellent news that Frostbite 2 has actually been built with the next-generation of games in mind.

It means that given how good Battlefield 3 looks on PC, the quality of Battlefield and other games in the future are going to look even better on the likes of the Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles, which are seemingly set for release in the latter stages of 2013. To pick out a rather juicy quote from the interview with GamaSutra:

”Yeah, I’ll be honest with you – Frostbite 2 was built for the next generation. It doesn’t mean that what you see in Battlefield 3 is the end state. That’s the beginning; that’s where we start and then we go forward.”

This is obviously great news for PC gamers who are impressed with the current graphics on Battlefield 3, but it is also very good news for console owners too, who are perhaps a bit skeptical after seeing the toned down graphics on PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s no secret that the game doesn’t look as good as the PC counterpart, that is even after DICE released that HD texture pack to improve things.

The priority for us though, is hoping that DICE aim to make the next Battlefield game look as close to PC as possible, putting an end to the distant comparisons that we see today. Hopefully next generation hardware specs will bring us closer to this reality and we’re guessing that it would make DICE’s job a lot easier too if they have the console hardware potential to match their next generation Frostbite 2 engine capabilities.

If you picture Battlefield 3 graphics on PC with optimal settings for the moment – would you be satisfied if DICE can achieve the same result on the PS4 and Xbox 720? If they can do this, goodness knows what the PC version of Battlefield 4 is going to look like once Frostbite 2 has progressed to the next level.

Give us your thoughts on this one, both console and PC players of Battlefield 3. What level of graphics are you expecting to see on next-generation hardware?



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