Gorilla Glass 2 doubts after Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2012

Many consumers in the US are still waiting patiently to get their hands on the shiny new Samsung Galaxy S III. The device is a thing of beauty and possibly the nicest smartphone that Samsung has built to date, but how would you feel knowing that the device is also the latest victim to various damage tests against the iPhone 4S?

That is unfortunately what we have to show you now, as Samsung’s latest flagship handset has been subject to the latest damage tests to see how well it holds up from being dropped from various heights.

What better handset to compare with than Apple’s latest effort and if damage durability is one of the key areas that you look for before purchasing a device, then this video may actually be very useful to you. The tests have been performed by the guys over at SquareTrade, who are actually mobile phone insurance sellers by trade.

In the first drop test, we see both the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 subjected to a drop to concrete from the distance of a user’s ear. We see that the iPhone 4S escapes with some slight plastic tearing off one of the sides, but the first drop to the Galaxy S3 already results in a large crack to the display screen.

The other two tests are a bit irrelevant since they are dropped from a big height by children, followed by both phones being launched to the ground from a moving car, which are not really realistic situations for your smartphone to occur damage. The ending result though sees SquareTrade state that the ‘Galaxy S3 took a beating in two out of three tests’. The iPhone 4S apparently held up better according to the company, but a few of you may be worried that the new Gorilla Glass 2 display materials doesn’t appear to hold up too well.

That first test there is the key one for us, as you can see that the iPhone 4S manages to keep its display screen in tact, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already busted after one drop. Watch the ‘painful’ video below and let us know your thoughts on it. Did you expect the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be a lot more durable?

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  • Jane

    They need to drop these so they land in roughly the same way in order to reasonably compare them. A kid in a science class could tell them that. Pointless exercise.

  • seeing you do that pen smash made me think this phone – awesome job/  seeing this in the other case, makes me think,,,, mabe when the s4 comes out.  im a roofer, so hights are kinda of an important thing, especially when it slips out of my pocket or unclips from my belt.

  • Whiteknight180sx

    Gorilla glass isnt drop proof,its suposed to be srcatch resistant. Meaning no need for a screen protector. Which lessons the image quality. This article was made to try to change your mind on the s3.

  • Jonkonguk

    I agree totally, how can you compare, when the iPhone hit the ground on its side.

    I watched a drop test between an iPhone 4s and the galaxy sii, the sii was virtually unmarked and the iPhone was smashed to hell.

    Maybe a better test would be a pressure test

  • The point of this test is not of the “buttered toast” variety, whether it will land on its face or not. It SHOULD have been testing consistent drops at the same angle to test which phone survives a fall from your car/ear/children, not which has a better chance of landing on its back or on its face…

  • Plus Id much rather be seen with a sexy Galaxy than a overrated overpriced iPhone ! 

    • Katrina

      I’m sorry, but a 16GB S3 is $279 at T-Mobile and $199 at Sprint which is the same price as the iPhone 4S 16GB. Not only that but the S3 is plastic junk.

      • Tony

        So you’re comparing an iPhone 4S with a S3? These iFans don’t have a clue about hardware specs

  • I agree with Chun, These tests never really prove anything as it all depends on the angle it hits the ground at.

  • This test is useless. Both phone drop at a different angle each time.