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Focus on PS Vita Remote Play Sony, before attacking Wii U pad

Cross platform is a hot topic at the moment for gamers and if you are thinking of picking up the Nintendo Wii U, you could also argue that the nifty touchscreen controller acts like a separate device, allowing for Wii U gameplay on the go.

The PS Vita on the other hand is just getting its feet off the ground and is finally starting to deliver on Sony’s initial promises of cross-platform game support via the PS3. If you think for a minute, what the comparison purposes are between the Vita and the Wii U touchscreen pad, you are probably thinking that its a bit of a pointless discussion – but Sony apparently doesn’t.

Sony has said in an interview at E3 that the PS Vita holds an advantage over the Wii U, by stating that their handheld device has its own processor, while the Wii U touchscreen controller doesn’t. Because of this, Sony feels that Nintendo will be limited in what freedom they can allow the touchscreen pad to have, but it’s a different story for the Vita.

Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde is the man behind these latest quotes and this is a direct quote from him when speaking to at E3:

“We can do some pretty special things that you’ll start to see on the [e3]floor this year and you’ll see more over the upcoming months about what you can do when you actually have a processor in the thing that’s in your hand as well.”

Is this a bit of an unfair comparison to make though, especially seeing as the PS Vita is its own system, while the Wii U pad is attached to the console? If Sony were to hand out free PS Vita systems with PS3 consoles purchased, then perhaps it would be a different story.

We haven’t really seen the full potential of the touchscreen controller yet, but hopefully Nintendo will be releasing some more videos closer to launch. The real meat for us is when we actually see evidence of a user pausing a game on the TV and then heading into the toilet on his touchscreen controller to resume the game.

For now, recent footage of ZombiU is decent enough and shows a little bit of interplay between the TV and touchscreen controller. Sony should really be focusing on delivering on their promised remote play features, rather than take shots at the Wii U pad for not having a processor. Let us know your thoughts on this one guys.



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