Did the GTA V trailer release too early?

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 19, 2012

What if GTA V did not see a release date until well into 2013? If it had been a mistake to show the first trailer so early thanks to financial reasons and not development time, then it could mean a lack of news for the rest of this year and at least another year before we see the game launch.

We have heard a few rumors pointing towards Take 2 being unhappy about the early release of the first GTA V trailer, and this would explain why it has been so long since we’ve had any solid details and not seen another trailer many months later. We had an email tipping us that Rockstar were told off by Take 2 for releasing the trailer so early, and that the game should release in another financial year. While this is just a rumor from an unnamed source it would explain the lack of news surrounding GTA V, although we still find this hard to believe, especially considering other rumors pointing to early testing, so this would mean marketing should start soon and move away from pushing Max Payne 3 so hard.

These rumors still highlight one issue and that is the gap between the first GTA V trailer and the next one, whenever that will be, which has been far too long in our opinion. If the game is to release this year or early next we need to see another trailer soon, and also some gameplay would be nice.

Did the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer release too early? When we do see more video footage and gameplay it should deliver a lot more insight, and also we hope this brings our most requested feature, which is a co-op campaign in GTA V. Is this something you want, and what other features would you like to see in the next Grand Theft Auto game? You might also want to read about how multiplayer is expected to move up a gear in the next game as well, which can be seen here in an earlier article..

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  • AAA

    Rockstar and GTA V to its fans, is equal to a fat sweaty guy in a strip club waving a dollar bill, at a sleazy stripper.

    I hate the silence, but I admit I will be buying it day one. Just being impatient I guess!.

  • Wrexham25

    I’ve got a theory which reading all the forums no one else seems to have suggested, maybe one of those major leaks a few months back from a friend of a friend of a rockstar employee giving out all the character and storyline details is actually true. Now that would leave rockstar with a dilemma…….release more info which everyone would already know about thus making them look silly and which would confirm the leaks were true, or go back to the drawing board and change the whole storyline character names etc, so that they’d avoid admitting the leaks were true and they’d avoid embarresment. This is just a theory I could be totally wrong of course but if you were in rockstars shoes and your top secret major game details were leaked you’d have to think of a way of saving face and that might just be the way to do it……of course we’ll never know if this theory is true because when they do release more info it won’t be the same characters story etc as the leaks….but because they never were, or because they were hurriedly changed…..Hmmm

  • Willy

    Help the economy, release the game!

  • BriMan

    i think we should all pretend to boycott it and kick up a fuss about its release date just to force take two to ship it out early but then again i am very drunk and probably makes my case retarded

  • Diazjonathan61994


  • Diazjonathan61994

    On bestbuy, it says the release date is 12/31/2012, true?

  • Benny

    I was a huge Rockstar fan untill they pulled this stunt, now im not buying Rockstar games anymore. I didnt and wont be buying Max Payne 3  (i previously bought 1 and 2) and i wont be buying GTA V now either (previously bought all the others).  Quite a few of my friends have done exactly the same and others are like “ahhhh fed with waiting for GTA V now, im moving on to somthing else”.  Rockstar needs to remember many of its fans are now in their 30’s, many fans in their late 20’s and 30’s know all about this hype crap etc and it doesnt work on them or excite them anymore, they will and are just simply moving on to somthing else instead.

    • I’m 32 Benny, I’m excited by the trailer.  I think it’s subjective, it depends on the person whether or not something like the trailer excites you.  Speaking for myself, I preordered the game after seeing the trailer because it reminded me of all the fun times I have playing GTA in this and the last generation.

    • Posthumanis

      i’m 35 and i’m excited by the trailer. maybe the fact that i’m older contributes to the difference in patience i have with Benny ^ 

      i’m not so put off by the fact that the game developer released a trailer that i will refuse to purchase or play any more titles from them ever. to me, that response sounds more like a 12-14 year old’s reaction than the age group that the series is aimed at and appeals to most. 
      while it’s true that i’m not vulnerable to the advertising and hype, Benny reaches totally the wrong conclusion from that fact. rather than childishly boycotting a company because they promoted in a small way the product i’ve loved for years, i’m going to buy GTA V the moment it’s released, whenever that will be, regardless of whether more videos or news is released or not. and i’m going to play it and practically no other game for about a year.
      that’s what it means to be unaffected by hype. i’m a fan. i’ll remain a fan no matter what the schedule of promo releases is.

    • anon

       then they will come back when the game is released, i’m sure

    • Hobodealer

      Ugh, another naive boycotting idiot. How refreshing. As soon as the new trailer comes out you’ll be back… every one of you will. If not, jokes on you! I’ll be having the time of my life on GTA V.

      Futhermore, this so called ‘stunt’ has been pulled before by Rockstar. They left a gap just as big between Red Dead Redemption’s first trailer and release. They also delayed GTA IV by 9 months! So you’re clearly not a ‘huge’ Rockstar fan because you would be loyal and used to this ‘stunt’ by now.

    • Ianoo

      Agreed, I’m 31 and have done the same. Probably will buy gta5 but when it’s 10 euro second hand. Roll on Oct for AC 3

  • Teddy_bear

    I wont be buying it if it comes out in 2013, i will be busy saving up for an Xbox 720 or PS4.  I will get Medal of Honour,Black Ops 2,Assasins creed 3, Far Cry 3,Forza Horizon,Need For Speed this Christmas and they will last me all through 2013 untill the new consoles come out. Wont be buying any games in 2013.

  • John

    I don’t think they released too early – And I very much doubt T2 had any issue with it, Dan and Sam do as they please! It was the same with GTAIV, they release one trailer, and we didn’t see anything else until a year or so later! The new trailer came out a while ago, and I’m expecting a new one in the next month or so. This is typical R* so who cares! GTAV is going to be a monster!

    • callum

      gta 4 1st trailer – 29th march 2007
      gta 4 2nd trailer – 28th june 2007

  • Rich

    I think they only released the trailer to mess up the Saints Row 3 release


    how much how much HOW MUCH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • GTAplayer

    Rockstar are not stupid. They know when the right time is to give info out to the world. They know that even if everyone forgot about about GTAV that all it takes is another trailer, or info and they have got a captive audience again because as much a people get annoyed with rockstar they will still buy the game even if it releases in a year time.

  • Carlo Palomba

    Keep the expectations low… Last year the rumours about the iPhone 5 were so big, and eventually a lame old iPhone 4s made its debut and everyone was so dissapointed because it had none of the big things speculated. That’s the problem with leaving things to linger too long. People expect way too much by the time it’s released. I wish that Rock* would just have anounced it one week, and released it the next. That way I wouldnt be monitoring the games release date anouncement daily.

    • Herp

      How is that even relevant? GTA V is a game…a new one at that, and Apple is a terrible company who sells overpriced products with minor improvements every year. Hmm does Rockstar do that? Nope.

  • as soon as i saw that trailer, i told myself: Dont expect to be playing this until 2014. 
    seriously. GTA IV got pushed back so far! you just gotta prepare yourself to wait. and it is goign to be worth it

  • I think they will release GTA5 next year. I mean, If it’s coming out this year, wouldn’t they give us more info so more people could get exited about it and pre order it more?

  • Djroonie2000

    It wasnt a rumour about GTAV being tested. Here in the UK (where the GTA games are made at Rockstar North) they advertised for people to become games testers for £14,000 a year and test GTAV. This was last November (look it up for yourself) They warned that being a games tester wasnt all it was cracked up to be and testers would have to play the same little segments of the game over and over and over again to find any bugs.

    Here look….The Scotsman reports that Rockstar Games are currently seeking game testers at Rockstar North in Edinburgh to ensure GTA 5 is bug free and in full working order when it launches.Although we still don’t have an official release date for the game, it’s widely expected to be launched before the end of 2012 and the fact that Rockstar are actively looking to bring in a team of dedicated testers would appear to hint that the game is nearing completion. Testing does of course happen all throughout the development process, however a full team of testers would be expected to check every part of the game – something which wouldn’t be possible until development was complete.

  • Mattallensup

    yeah but u can pre order gta v at bestbuy and amazonso pretty sure its commin this year

  • Mryankee72

    They showed La Noire trailer 8 years back before the realease date.

  • 666 HeRiTk

    i talked to dan houser on skype and he gave me a copy of the game already

    • Dsfsd

      your dumb

      • Fake

         your grammar sucks

    • Tomad

      Spastic Child

    • Evan Vlahoutas

      Fucken idiot

    • waSTEMAN

      Dan houser gave me a copy last week, but it doesnt work online can somebody help plz?

  • GTA V will open a new experience in online gaming ‘Air battle’. GTA San Andreas Multiplayer the way it’s meant to be played. No game has the air battle technique of Ace Combat and freedom of GTA games yet. I’m sure they will be a force to be reckoned with. 🙂
    Do you no what would be cool? If GTA V had a radio station exclusively for 80’s music (GTA Vice City).

    • theOnewitReason

      yeh SA:MP was lightyears ahead in online gamplay compared to even GTAIV attempt at “online”

      it actually felt like a living breathing online world..where anything could happen and rivilarlies with other players was unavoidable (that made it so great).
      CON: LAG lol

  • Npaget

    Theres a fuckin release date on Tesco UK stating 28/12/12 am sick of reading this.shit now

    • Fdgfdg

      im sick of hearing your lies

    • Wak342

      lol my bday is 28 dec, it wud b nice 4 it 2 come out dat date 

  • Gumby65

    Would pay top $ to see the tilting heads & raising eyebrows on R*s collective faces when Take Two “tells them off”.  

  • I suspect because of Max Payne 3’s delay there post release promotional period got pushed back as well, remember they said in feburary it would be a few months before they could show anything then MP3 was delayed hence why we havent seen anything yet

    • Asdfas

      but MP3 only delayed few weeks

      • Fredtursman

        more like 2 months. switched from march to may.

      • Yeap it was 2 months, i dont believe the trailer was released to early seeing as they believed back then they would have MP3 out in march

  • Juliancastillo380

    i just finished watching the first GTA V trailer on rockstar’s channel and while looking through the comments,i notticed rock star commented on it saying that a new trailer should be up sometime this week. :DDDD

    • BSAA

       Don’t too sure dude,Rockstar never commented on them video,so it’s fake

      • Jbsuckshisdad

         Rockstar has commented on the gta v trailer video a few times, you can tell it’s real because rockstars comments are highlighted yellow. however they havn’t commented since january.

  • Gbatistuta97

    Think you will find this is Rockstar being clever. Expect to see some more real info and details of Gta 5 around the time Black Ops is released. Take 2 want to release this product when the Market is at it’s safest and lucrative This means next year when no other big titles are around and it will be a kick start to the fincial year

    • Prophetless

      Next year will be pretty bad to release GTA 5 with so many games being delayed now out of fear. Next year we’re already looking at God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgement, the Tomb Raider reboot, The Last Of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch Dogs, Sly Cooper 4, etc…

      • BSAA

         No matter what game out,GTA V will top-selling them

        • Rajon Rondo

          No matter what game comes out when, weather they release around november/december or  next year, they will outsell anybody and everyone…its Grand Theft Auto…..it will outsell COD, Assassins Creed, ect… Rockstars sales will take a hit at anytime they release but trust me when I say every other  game will take a even bigger hit. Its like Mike Tyson and a average joe going for a punch  at the  same  time….no matter what tyson will get hit but the average joe will  get hit a lot harder.

  • Rsa1se

    I don’t know how they sleep at night. It’s been over FOUR years since the last one! I understand that silence and hype are an essential component of marketing, but they have gone way too far with this. You can’t stretch the patience of your clientele in this way, you may as well spit on the cash they give you.

    • R* Fan

      Will this stop you from buying it though?? If the answer is no then, R*’s tactic is working. And if the answer is yes then….well…..i wouldn’t believe you cause obviously you are going to buy it 😉 haha.

  • MikeyGTA

    its all about the hype as rockstar north will be saying to their selves right now 

  • R* will release info when everyone has really suffered and those left over after the immense suffering will receive GTAV info don’t expect any info for a long time 

  • MikeyGTA

    rockstar are just genius’s lets be honest people, dosn’t matter if you think they’ve released it too early cause they havn’t truth is they could of done it 2 years ago , all that trailer has done is got people talking about the games, they have had 8 months advertising now on one 1:30 video , genius if u ask me i just want the release date don’t care for new info ,ill get all the info on the game i need when i play it

    • R* Fan

      That is a fair one my friend.

    • Paulfy

      That, right there, is the ONLY COMMENT that matters. Well said, Mikey!!

  • Dymez

    I don’t know what some of these guys are talking about, but personally, I’d LOVE to be able to play the campaign with a partner.  Rockstar makes the greatest, most massive worlds within that franchise, and GTA V will be no different.  To experience that with a partner that you love playing with, would put this game, that’s already on top, into another stratosphere and keep it there.

  • Highgrower Ounce

    Of course they released the trailer toooo early, no need to state the obvious.

  • Dan Houser

    No one sent you an email, you made that up.

  • Nick

    NO CO-OP!!! That’s ***NOT*** GTA! It’s Lego games!

  • gta fan

    The delay of Max Payne 3 hasnt helped. I think an announcement/ count down for the 2nd trailer will come in July. 

  • Eric . P

    No.. Rockstar does not like to give players much of a window into its games prior to release, meaning GTA 5 is coming soon! They been working on the game for a while now (couple of years) and I’m pretty sure that they know what their doing when it comes to releasing trailers  

  • Gino

    Ho could you not have heard about max payne 3? did you not have good taste in games? 😛

  • zoidberg

    I don’t care about multi-player, or a co-op campaign: an actual release date on the other hand…

  • Jeremy L

    GTA V trailer was released to tell everyone about Max Payne 3. Without it a lot of people would have never heard of it, I know I wouldn’t have heard of it.

  • Just release some info on the game already who cares when they release it at this point…..