Apple TV update 5.0.2 and issues for 5.0.3

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 19, 2012

Not long after the start of this month we saw a new Apple TV update that took the software to version 5.0.2, and while there had been little known about this update at first, Apple quickly updated their software updates page to reflect the minor change.

Apple TV update 5.0.2 addressed an issue only affecting the iTunes Store in Australia, which caused some problems with content restrictions, and this had been the only reason for the last update. Users experiencing various issues, which have not been fixed yet, had not welcomed this news and hope v5.0.3 will fix issues with Netflix, podcasts, and more.

What problems would you like to see fixed with Apple TV update v5.0.3? Do you have some bugs that you feel are much more than local network issues? We’ve heard about a few bugs that seem to affect a number of Apple TV users, and these include AirPlay only sending audio, notifications on podcasts always reading new even after watching them, and a lot of people experience streaming issues although this is most likely related to their network setup.

What new features should future Apple TV updates bring? Some updates also add new features rather than just fix bugs, and the biggest feature we want to see added with a software update is support for native apps. This is something that has been confirmed as possible in the past, but Apple continue to avoid adding any native apps support, which might be saved for a Apple HDTV in the near future.

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  • Better wi-fi reception. And an app store, or apps about news, weat
    her, basics!

  • I would like it if they quit breaking what worked. With this update the Streaming from my Computer via Home share is now clunky. It used to be smooth. Now it downloads 5 minutes stops gets another 3-5 minutes plays and then stops again. Irritating to say the least.

  • Rustyrecords

    Apple apple problems. I would like them too fix what’s broken.
    Every time there’s an up grade there’s problems from ios5, to OSX Lion , iPad
    O just heard Microsoft too release a tablet called “Surface” sounds good with features