Activision willing to alter MW3 DLC Content Calendar

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2012

Earlier this week we informed you about a rather mysterious MW3 video online, which appeared to confirm the arrival of several new multiplayer maps as part of upcoming content drops. However, Activision has now made their June DLC official, but there’s no new standard multiplayer maps in sight.

In actual fact, Activision and IW have revealed that Elite members on Xbox 360 will instead have one new Spec Ops mission to play and three new Face Off maps to enjoy. After the last content drop was packed with normal multiplayer maps though, we’re not too surprised that Infinity Ward are giving players something different in terms of DLC this time around.

Thanks to a Tweet by Mark Rubin, we now know that the Spec Ops mission will be titled Arctic Recon, while the three Face Off maps are Intersection, U-Turn and Vortex respectively. What interests us though, is not the content of these new maps, but the fact that IW and Activision are willing to make changes to their DLC schedule as they see fit.

If you have been keeping an eye on the content calendar, you’ll know that there were originally just three slots for the June DLC content. However, if you visit the page now, you’ll see that Activision has added a fourth slot for the extra Face Off map, so actually – how serious should Elite members treat this Content Calendar?

Activision show two slots for July’s content drops, but don’t be surprised if we actually see more than two pieces of content. Those leaked map names we showed you earlier this week seem very real, so they may be featuring next month instead. With this month’s update not including any new standard multiplayer maps, you have to assume that Elite members on Xbox 360 are going to get treated next month with content that includes regular maps.

How happy are you to see your content drops being used up for Spec Op missions? Do you like the mixing and matching, or would you just prefer to get new standard maps every month?

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  • Richard

    The Maps are terrible for MW3! All the Free maps are rubbish but they are a lot better than the new DLC!!

  • Motism

    I would rather get normal maps. Face off doesn’t interest me, so giving me heaps of tiny maps i don’t use just makes me feel like i’m getting ripped off.

  • Jmac74

    Complete bs… Mw3 has been a Piece of crap since day one. I will never prepay for maps again

  • Stuhud1985

    Elite has ruined c.o.d empty promises ,misleading info,and to be honest its nothing new .If people wanted to play small groups theres private matchs thay should of made the maps a little bigger like nuketown,dome,salvage 2 name but a few and have them as mp maps ,spec ops is a big fail and elite app still aint no good most of the features on there were on black ops .and the misleading info r as followed classified and maps on the content calander wait till the 19th then it face off weres the old maps ,ak74u,and a big gap inbetwen aut and gold camo at least with black ops you get your moneys worth i h8 infinaty ward

  • Marc

    Face off maps are ok but I paid premium for Full Multiplayer maps we only had 1 last month Oasis now none this month…. I don’t want a spec ops mission that can be completed in under 5 minutes I want a MP map that I can play for hours on!

  • Ben

    Its Infinity Ward – Not Treyarch

    • NgTurbo

      How stupid of me..thanks for pointing that out Ben, without going into a typical troll rage. 🙂

      • Ben

        Its cool – I normally wouldn’t bother but Treyarch was in every other sentence 🙂

        Keep up the good work – i check daily for updates and always find something interesting to read ….when i should be working lol