ZombiU on Wii U puts Resident Evil 6 to shame in realism stakes

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2012

If you are not too impressed with what you have seen from Resident Evil 6 so far, allow us to show you some brand new gameplay from upcoming Wii U exclusive, ZombieU. It’s a unique take on the zombie horror survival type of game and it is easily one of the best Wii U games we have seen so far.

You may have even seen Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime unveil this recently on the Jimmy Fallon show, but we have some much more intimate gameplay for you to enjoy. Gamers have been crying out for a realistic zombie survival game for many years now and we’re pleased to see that Ubisoft are trying to deliver this with ZombieU.

The game features realtime elements to make each play-through unique to the player. For example, if you are biten once by the zombies, it is game over and you’ll have to start all over again as there are no save points during levels. What is interesting is that after you die, you assume the role of a new survivor and the previous person you played as, now becomes a zombie with all of your gear. You can then track down this zombie somewhere in the level and retrieve your gear in order to make your odds of survival much greater.

From what we have seen from this video, there are actually some very scary moments and one of the key design focuses for Ubisoft was to make ZombiU as less scripted as possible. For example, you’ll see in the video that during a second play though, zombies turn up in different locations, so they don’t always come out of the same place each time. You may enter through a door to find a new group of zombies and even running out of ammo will result in a game over screen.

It’s early days yet, but this is looking very promising for the Wii U and a great example of how third-party developers are already putting that touchscreen controller to good use. Does Resident Evil 6 need this kind of realism? After watching a recent RE6 gameplay demo, Ubisoft are almost putting Capcom to shame in their own specialist subject. Watch the action below in HD and let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • mitsuhoney

    I like the idea and the potential it has but I am really not a fan of the lack of story, character development, and the fact that its basically a shooter. I find it very hard to enjoy games where its in first person, I feel a little claustrophic that I cant always see the character, which was why RE’s Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles didint appeal to me. As much as I love that the devs want to go back to the days of “survival horror” I feel like there needs to be more added to this game to give it a bit more flavor. The whole “once you die, you die, no saves and you have to start over with another character” sounds like a good idea but in reality, I can tell many people will get agitated with this after a while, ESPECIALLY if they make it really far in the game. We play video games to escape reality of our life, not have to actually play a game that would be EXACTLY like real life 100%.

    Yes, I understand that RE has changed now and is more “action” than “survival horror” and only with the release of RE6 are the devs starting to realize that fans are crazy about how the game basically changed into Call of Duty…its only a matter of time before Capcom finally wakes up and realizes that they should have never fixed something that was never broken. As much as this game (ZombiU) seems enjoyable enough, I think I will pass on this and I dont think I could see it favoring very well with people in the long run. People want to continue after they die, not start over from the very beginning. Hopefully, they can make that an option to either “continue” or “start over” and hopefully give the characters a story to live off on, not just be a random nobody…what fun is that?

    This is purely just my opinion, I know not everyone will agree with me.

  • Mck17

    ZombiU is looking just so much better than any other horror game out there that involves zombies that is wow ZombiU all the way.

  • Mck17

    The bckgrounds in ZOMBIEU are basically DX11/OpenGl 4.1 quality they look so full and even the kids paintings are on the walls and everything looks Photo Realistic wow ZOMBIEU/LEGO CITY/Trine2 DC are day 1 purchases 4 me.

  • DeadScream87

    Resident evil is more action then survival horror.   And if were talkin bout a true survival horror,  there shouldn’t be a story to begin with.  I understand having mission but you can have mission with out a actual story and from what I’ve seen ZombiU delivers just that.  Like someone else said RE stopped being survival horror a longtime ago and became more of an action game.  This will be a true Survival horror game thats come out in a ling time (seeing how i think L4D2 was the last one).  And on another note,  Capcom has gotten out of hand with the story and has completely destroyed the franchise (even though i thought Revelations was a good game for a hand held).  But this is all my oppinion soo please dont get offensive about it.

  • Swcloud99

    Comparing zombieu to RE6 is simply comparing apples and oranges. Two games that have very different goals. RE doesn’t go for realistic.

  • Mck79

    Ive said it all over youtube ZombieU has DX11 comparable graphics. and has graphics that are simply not made possible by ps3 for e.g

  • I do think ZombiU could inject a good amount of fear and tension into the genre..and it does at least look like true survival horror.

     I mean I love Resident Evil  but when you’re fighting a a bunch of enemies or a giant zombie boss… you’re able to pause the game and spend the next 5 minutes going through your inventory to find the perfect weapon to kill him. What’s the zombie doing while you’re looking through you guns? Quietly waiting and tapping his foot in annoyance while you search through your backpack? on his iPhone to his zombie friends? It doesn’t really add to the realism.

     In ZombiU you’re having to do everything in realtime. When you’re searching for that perfect weapon there’s no pause in play…that Zombie is going to keep on chasing you..which will vastly up the fear factor of the game and panic of the player.

    I don’t know if ZombiU will turn out to be a good game..but I applaud the devs for at least trying to do something different with a genre which has become watered down in recent years.

  • Mck7

    Ive said from the start ZombieU has backgrounds that are DX11 cpmparable and leagues above ps3 games.

  • Iprino

    Zombi u is going to get much more polish before launch so graphics will b fine. It is also more of what res evil used to b. Re 6 will b good but is now all about set pieces instead of tension. I will own both so it doesnt really matter as long as they r both great games.

  • Sideras

    Why compare survival horror and an action game? RE stopped being survival horror a long time ago. Let it slide. Besides RE4 was one of the best games ever made.

  • 900bv

    Yes, because realism matters in a game with zombies.

  • Heallreadyknows

    Yea way better then resident gears 6

  • Mike893

    Yeah i think ill stick with RE6, Better graphics, Story, Characters, Gameplay and the list goes on and on…

    • LMFAO 

      “Better graphics” yeah its easy to have better graphics when your game is linear get from A to B 

      “Story” are you positive this is Resident Evil you refer to? i take it your one of them Jump on the bandwagon RE fans after RE4 came out. 

      “Characters” no need to talk about this. RE and Characters.
      “Gameplay” if by Gameplay you mean QTE’s and controlling like you are a tank then yes they are superb now please go back to the old Re aka RE Remake and RE2 and play them before you say RE is the best only having played RE4 and 5 

      • that guy

         you might have points about the graphics, but the rest of your argument is based on that guy being a bandwagon fan. since I have played many of the RE games since 1996 (0,1,2,3,4,5, CVX, OB File 1 and 2, Op Rac City) I think I can speak to the other “points” you made. the story is definitely better because ZombiU is new, so there is no story yet. 75% of the reason why I continue to buy RE games is because I want to the follow the story. The characters are great, albeit their dialogue was aweful back in the late 90s. RE developers have added solid characters while allowing growth for old favorites. And if you’re telling me you don’t like the old school 3rd person style of gameplay then you really shouldn’t even talk about RE. at all.

    • Vxr400

      zombiu makes this re6 crap look like turD— go nintendo