New MW3 DLC map rumors will delight MW2 veterans

If you are looking forward to the Summer DLC content drops for Modern Warfare 3, we may have something that will be of interest to you. A new video has surfaced online, appearing to confirm some of the names of the maps that will be releasing at the end of June and possibly even July as well.

Xbox 360 owners are probably craving for some new maps to play, as Erosion, Aground and Oasis have been out for quite some time now. Activision hasn’t revealed the June content drops yet though and according to the Content Calendar, there will be three new pieces of DLC for Elite members to enjoy first.

A video online showing a private match lobby somehow references the names of a few unreleased maps, despite the user stating that his PS3 console hasn’t been modded. The maps in question are Shipbreaker, Terminal and Boardwalk. Terminal should be of particular interest since that is the same name as the very popular map from Modern Warfare 2. We could be seeing another remake map in MW3 and Terminal would obviously be a very good addition to the game.

So that is three DLC items there and it could be the three maps that are coming in June. We’ve also heard of two other unknown maps by name of ‘Roughneck’ and ‘Nola’ and these could end up as the two content drops for July. Obviously nothing has been confirmed yet, but that is five unreleased maps to fill up the five content drops for June and July so it is worth keeping an eye on this. They all won’t be multiplayer maps though, as we could see the map names being linked to new FaceOff and Spec Op missions.

Considering that we are nearing the end of June already, you should expect an official video teaser from Infinity Ward soon, confirming the map names for good. Let us know your thoughts on a potential return for Terminal and if you have heard other whispers regarding the remaining rumored maps.



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