Is Sony PS4 in trouble after supposed Xbox 720 features leak?

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2012

What an exciting weekend it has been in the next-gen discussion department. We obviously didn’t see any next-generation hardware from Sony or Microsoft at E3 a few weeks ago, but it looks like it is Microsoft who appears to have detailed their Xbox 720 console a little prematurely.

Usually we would associate the Xbox 720 name as just a nickname in accordance with popular belief, but a leaked document from Microsoft has for the first time, referred to the device as the Xbox 720 meaning that it could well have this name upon release.

The leaked document contains some very juicy information on Microsoft’s next console indeed and as you may have expected, it has already vanished off the face of the internet after being taken down by one of Microsoft’s legal representatives.

Aside from the Xbox 720 name, we also see a potential $299 price tag, augmented reality features, blu-ray disc support, cloud gaming, 3D glasses, Kinect ‘2’ and much more. Those 3D glasses are thought to be part of a future 2014 project known as ‘Fortaleza’ and they could provide a similar functionality to Google’s exciting Project glass plan initiative.

There’s a more detailed breakdown of the leaked features over at The Verge here, while you can still check out one of the images contained in the document at NeoGaf here. Assuming that this information is all correct though and that Microsoft are going to unleash their $299 augmented reality Xbox 720 in 2013 – what does this exactly mean for Sony?

Sony are being incredibly secretive on their next-generation plans, repeatedly insisting that the PS3 still has a long way to go yet. If Microsoft are going to be bringing augmented reality in a big way to Xbox gamers, then Sony will surely have to conjure up something similar of their own as it’s clear that Microsoft are thinking of different ways to ‘wow’ gamers, aside from just a bog standard hardware upgrade.

We also see the mention of cloud-gaming too. It will be interesting if it turns out that Microsoft are actually the first to bring cloud-gaming support from OnLive and/or Gaikai to the Xbox, when it was heavily rumored before E3 that Sony would be the ones to announce this first.

Microsoft’s new Smartglass project is also another clear sign that the company are looking to market the next Xbox as an ‘all-in-one’ entertainment hub, perhaps taking this mantle away from Sony at the moment. You can also bet that the PS4 won’t be $299 either, but maybe even double that if they are thinking of adopting the same pricing patterns as the PS3.

It all looks really promising from a neutral perspective, as all those juicy new features for $299 would be very hard to turn down in our opinion. Presuming that Microsoft really has this in the pipeline, how will Sony plan to counter-attack this with their PS4? Do you think that Microsoft may have the better next-gen system at launch next year? Remember, this is still a rumor at this point until confirmed by Microsoft – which they are very unlikely to do.

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  • theonedevil

    The funny thing about this article is the line ” it all looks really promising from a neutral perspective “. Since when has this site ever been neutral?. Yet another piece skewed in M$oft’s favor, neutral my arse!

  • Two biggest mistakes Microsoft and Sony can make next gen:

    1. Microsoft releases Xbox 720 without an INTERNAL Bluray Disc drive.

    2. Sony releases PS4 AFTER Xbox 720.

    I would be more disgruntled with the 2nd alternative because that would absolutely prove that Sony is stupid….AND that they are cowards…afraaaaaid to take the lead and reclaim what was once theirs. May the best man win. 😀

  • Two biggest mistakes Microsoft and Sony can make next gen:

    1. Microsoft releases Xbox 720 without an INTERNAL Bluray Disc drive.

    2. Sony releases PS4 AFTER Xbox 720.

    I would be more disgruntled with the 2nd alternative because that would absolutely prove that Sony is stupid….AND that they are cowards…afraaaaaid to take the lead and reclaim what was once theirs. May the best man win. 😀


      I can’t see Microsoft releasing without a Blu-Ray player now that costs have dropped. However as the future will be downloaded games that are stored on a hard drive rather than on discs i suspect this will be more of a benefit for people wanting a Blu-Ray player as anyone that wants a decent Blu-Ray player wouldnt use a console. Aside from that Sony is currently working on Blu-Ray replacement that has discs capable of holding 1TB of data.

      So if Sony release the PS4 before the 720 and it’s not as good as the 720 then Sony are intelligent? I think the issue is far more complicated than simply releasing a new console before the competitor. I agree that the timing is critical but product quality is also key.

  • Daniel 555666

    oh dear oh dear check list ! last of us? i aint seen a better looking game yet? on curent paltform, frostbite 2 ?/ ha frostbite my arse, killzone havok engine ruins that shite and its 4 years ago you clowns oh dear oh dear! 

  • Gohan

    I remember the day PS1 came out and shocked everyone, it was the first of its kind. Can Sony do the same and surprise everyone?

  • Johnjairo68

    Can anyone explain to me why PS4 would be in danger because Sony NOW KNOWS what Microsoft is doing? It would be the opposite because they have 1 year and a half to make their new console BETTER than the “leak” (or be prepared with something similar).

    This “new” doesn’t make any sense.

  • dontgiveaF@<K

    hmmm…what did sony meant  by saying ‘ps3 still has a long way to go yet’??they gotta be kidding me.seriously sony would lost in sales if they keep on delaying their next gen console launch date

    • FlashUK

      Why would they rush it out? I still see people buying PS2 games and PS3 games are still being sold as well as a healthy number of consoles. WIth the high cost of development then companies always launch the consoles at a loss and it takes a good chunjk of time to recoup the cost.

      When Sony launched the PS3 it was reported that they were losing around $300 per console due to the high cost of manufacture. They then had their first loss ($1 Billion) in 14 years so it’s not surprsiing they want to get this right rather than out quickly.

      • The only people still buying PS2s and PS3s are the laggards…cheap asses who only purchase with major discounts. They don’t technically count as a customer. As you mentioned above about losing money, all companies lose money on discounts. Maybe not in the short run but in the long run they do.

        • FlashUK

          Of course they count as a customer, they might be cheap asses in your eyes but without the late adopters technology wouldn’t survive. Early adopters are the risk takers who want the latest technology and then find out the hard way when it doesn’t pick up, HD-DVD anyone? That said I still bought my PS3 on release date and will likely buy the next one again. I feel lucky that i have the money to be able to do this, I certainly know that when i was young my parents never bought me a console and i had to save my part time job money for months to buy a new console. Time are changing but some people still aren’t as lucky as everyone. 

          It’s not just discounted goods that manufacturers lose money on but the development and manufacture costs that are associated with a new product launch. This puts the product price at a premium that people simply wont pay, so they need to launch at a fair price, get the market share up, start to recoup costs and then wait for more people to start buying. In the long run they make money not lose it.

    • tebogo

      one thing most people are neglecting is the fact that, when xbox 360 launched, it caught sony with the pants down still deep in research for ps3 components. case in point, sony approached nvidia and asked them to create a graphics processor for its console, but nvidia botched it up and ended up giving them an old infrastructure gpu (in gf 7000 region) which ended up disappointing most developers placing the cell under a lot of load running games and  that together with low ram… you can see were i’m going with this… so for ps4 sony knows what went wrong hardware wise and so are wiser for next iteration of console and thanks to the vita they’ve managed to see what works and what doesn’t.