Imminent Droid RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich update release teased

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2012

It has been a long time coming, but at last it seems like Verizon is finally ready to deliver on their promised Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola Droid RAZR. Some users, not all it seems, have received a free text from the carrier, saying that Android 4.0 is on the way soon.

If you are not already on a custom version of Ice Cream Sandwich, then this update to Android 4.0 has been a long time coming – eight months and counting so far since the launch back in November 2011 in actual fact. Whether you are too frustrated with Verizon to even care at this point is irrelevant though, as the official update should be arriving before the end of this month.

Some of you may have feared that another delay was on the cards, since Verizon and Motorola’s revised Q2 2012 deadline has well and truly reached its limit. However, users have reported that a message has now arrived on their device, informing them that the Android 4.0 update is on the way soon and that they should download an alternative IM app, since the current Verizon one will not be supported by ICS.

The big question that everyone is wanting to know right now though, is how soon is soon? If any other problems do arise after sending out this message, you can only imagine how angry Verizon customers are going to be. With any luck though, the update will be out before the end of this week and we’ll all be discussing a potential Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update in the months to come.

Did you receive this notification from Verizon over the weekend, because we’re hearing that some users did not?

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  • Wruamfu

    Since receiving this update i can only get 1 out of every 10 or so texts to send….not good beings i need this for my job!

  • ChrisandZephyr

    My husband received a text on Friday, June 22 and then received the ICS updated overnight on Friday.  My phone hasn’t received a thing (yet we bought them together, they have similar phone numbers, are in the same area code/zip code).  I called Verizon who told me it SHOULD have received the update and therefore Verizon gave me Motorola’s number and said Motorola could “force” the update to my phone number.  I called Motorola, got a rep who I could BARELY understand but who basically said the ICS was rolled out to “test users” but they had no idea or timeline when the rest of us would get it.  

  • Cath

    I got this txt  “informing them that the Android 4.0 update is on the way soon and that they should download an alternative IM app, since the current Verizon one will not be supported by ICS.” And 2 of these yesterday “VZWNMN:1”. I’m in Barrington, IL

  • Chris

    Verizon said on twitter that those texts are spam

  • Nerq

    I received a text, in fact two of them!

  • Laschoberm

    Verizon didnt send any of those text messages that is spam….yall r sooooo late

    • evi1penguin5

      actually, the “android 4.0/IM App” text being reported is not spam. It was verified as an official sms notification in internal systems. believe it.

  • Tsmithey81

    I didn’t get the text!

  • Jdwetzel71

    No text in Ocean City, MD

  • Rich

    Northern Nevada here and no text about upgrade..??

  • Twcobra

    no text from verizon, I live in Toledo, Ohio

  • Scott

    I was also wondering why I didn’t get a text here in NJ, so I contacted Verizon. According to them, they never sent a text

  • Joe

    It is my understanding that only RAZR owners that use VERIZON MOBILE IM got the message.

  • Lady_aliara

    I have a droid text though. I live in Ridgecrest, CA.

  • Scarecrow

    I got a urgent text message from Verizon that just said “VZWMWN:1” the day they media announced the message. Wonder if I got the wrong message.

    • Scarecrow

      Sorry it said “VZWNMN:1”, but anyway I got a text just not the one they’re talking about.

      • Nathaniel7004

        sorry to disappoint but that text has something to do with emails, look it up on the verizon website

        • Darkiex3

          It does not. I received it today also. It’s not emails if everyone is getting it. I got two and its quite annoying

  • conijomoso

    No text for me. Verizon Reno, NV area.

  • James

    I’m in Dallas, TX, didn’t get a text.

  • Mr. T

     No text here either.  I live in L.A.

  • Donniehayes44

    No text here either

  • wally

    I have a Droid RAZR Maxx and have not received that text. I also hope that this does not mean I will be one of the last to receive the ota update.

  • Mike

    Jelly Bean was not enough of a significant upgrade to warrant a new version, so it has been relegated to a 4.1 upgrade

    I also live in the Midwest area of the US, and did not receive a text either.

  • Mr. P

    I thought Android 5.0 was Jelly Bean – I could be wrong.

    As to the meat of this article, I have a Droid RAZR (not MAXX), and I haven’t gotten the text message, so yes, it’s not all users.

    Hopefully the update will come by the end of the month!

  • Brooksjake5

    ii didnt get the text on my phone…I really want this update too!!!

  • 2jjordan12

    I still have not received this text from Verizon….its a little irritating to be so far out of the loop. It makes me wonder if the ota does come will i be the last to receive the update as well

    • joe22

       i have read multiple articles about this text coming out from Verizon, but I’ve yet to see any comment from ANYONE who actually received the text.  I’m wondering who actually received the text?

      • 2jjordan12

        Well I am almost positive now that these texts are bogus I haven’t actually seen the twitter post by Verizon but it makes to much sense not to be faked…..everyone’s hopes up for nothing once again…..this update isn’t coming anytime soon