GTA V to reignite multiplayer love

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 18, 2012

The need for more Grand Theft Auto V news is reaching a frenzy now it has been many months since the first trailer, and while most of us expected the second GTA V trailer to release around E3, it never did and caused more frustration for some fans. If you would want to play GTA V online and not just in single player mode then it looks like this game might be one of the best, which we can see by looking at recent rumors and the Crews for Max Payne 3.

GTA V should provide an amazing multiplayer experience that is much more than killing people, something you could spend hours doing in Grand Theft Auto games, and with GTA V you could be playing mini-games like darts or even funfair rides as you see in the first trailer. This would be a welcomed change considering the amount of games that feature a multiplayer experience that is primarily about killing people, so taking a ride on a roller-coaster or on the big wheel might make you feel human again.

Max Payne 3 players that have used the new Crew system can expect much of the same if they buy GTA V, although clans are nothing new and a great way to create rivalries during online play, or a good way to feel part of a much bigger team. It’s not clear how the next GTA will use the Crews feature but you could expect these teams to become gangs, which could be fighting over territory on massive maps.

GTA V multiplayer could bring the need for team communication and tactics that direct players to different areas of the map for gaining control, although we would love to see a range of vehicles used in interesting ways online, which could also be customized offline and brought into the game with you.

What would you love to see in GTA 5 multiplayer? What would make you want to jump online and meet your crew for hours of gameplay, and would you love a twist like Co-Op mode for campaign? It would be nice to see the ability to enter homes and customize cars to add some depth as seen in Skyrim, although we’ll find out soon when the release date hits later this year unless it turns out to be 2013 that is. You might also want to join in on the debate about Wii U and GTA V in our earlier article.

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  • Legion

    2 Things.

    First of all let us take our single player weapons over into Multiplayer FREEROAM. I stopped playing GTAIV because ti took me 10 minutes to gather an arsenal which i lost whenh i died. It made for some chronicly boring multiplayer gameplay.

    2nd of all. Why not just drop the RDR style live lobbies. Just give us a simple list and menu system like every other multiplayer game on earth. Every other company does it because it works bloody fine.  

  • RockStar

    There will be a zombie survial mode that you can play with your friends and roam the whole map bit like zombie island

  • Jamo815

    They should make it as reality, you could literally do anything as you could in real life. Every little specific thing in life you should be able to do in this game it might take alot more time but it’s worth it. Or most of reality(for multiplayer)like go in most buildings, buy condos, houses, or an apartment… Be employed , have money in multiplayer so you can like buy businesses or any thing you can think of. Or take it all over the whole city , fight for parts, Play sports all in multiplayer

  • LatrellJohnsonIV

    I hope you can rape women in this game….I like raping bitches I see in real life. Raping women has always been something GTA has missed. I think it would also be good to be able to strangle them as you rape them. The dualshock controller should vibrate fast and slowly stop as you squeeze the life out of their helpless necks. That’s just my opinion though…

  • Damienmiller57

    They should have a dlc for zombies that starts with one person and spreads one by one, I know and agree that the zombie franchise is geting old but how cool would that be in a free roam game. I’m just saying if that were a dlc I would defenitly buy it and play it for a long time

  • dalton

    how about the multiplayer is about being the best of the best. like ur crew is a gang, and commits crimes to become the most wanted n most notorious. that wud be sick. robbing stores, stealing cars, killing people. haha! like every other gta, but to keep the experience alive. that wud be sick

  • CIAPhantomNIGHT

    you all want to know why the game hasn’t com out yet it’s because Rockstar is frieing there servers trying to give all you the best game they can but you all asked for pets, new cars,RP servers, better free romes, new carictors,  add everthing up and than you will figure out how there frieing there servers

  • CIAPhantomNIGHT

    rp severs, new cars, new bildings, pets,ect… you al want to now why rockstar hasn’t relsed hta 5 yet it’s because there frieing there god dam servers to mutch because all of yall  ask to much of them

  • Kaden

    Rumors, rumors, rumors. Take 2 and Rockstar could not tell the consumers a single thing and wait another 5 years if they wanted, no matter what they sell millions of copies and rake in the $$. People who play gta will always buy the next installment. think about it. look at all the hype and all the rumors flyin around already. My god, its a video game for christs sake. My buddy just showed me the trailer and im curious if theres anymore info but some of these guys are going a little overboard. Be patient.

  • Saim_52


  • Nick

    You and your crew should be able to take over the city. Be able to lock down airports, blow up bridges, have helicopters, boats, submarines, and maybe some missles to guard people from escaping. I don’t know if there was a leader for crews, but that would be cool too.

  • Prophetless

    Rockstar needs to get rid of the “friendly fire on” option in Free Mode so that Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are being used properly instead of dumbasses turning Free Mode into Deathmatch by killing you as soon as you spawn. I would also like to do something with the credits earned from Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, etc…

    Instead of unlocking clothes as you rank up, how about purchasing clothes for your character model that are available as you rank up? The higher you rank up, the crazier the options get. I’m rank 9 in GTA 4 and all those credits can’t even be used.

  • more control over vehicles like; making a fork lift- lift a car up, Caterpillar that are operatable etc

  • Jamel Frazier

    customize your person like saints row.

    • Durt ditdur

      If its made by rockstar and has the GTA logo on it, it’s NEVER gonna happen, sorry to drop it on you, but a right minded person would’ve stopped asking this question a very very very long time ago, if you want that option, play saints row instead

  • DeeezNutz


  • B Niermann

    I really think there should be a split screen multiplayer mode so you and a buddy can play together on the same T.V. kinda like the mode in San Andreas except make it split screen! Alot of people would enjoy this!

    • The current gen systems don’t have the processing power for such a feature….

      • Www Tnair060897

        who the hell launches a trailer and absolutely no good media or info on the game 8 FREAKEN MONTHS LATER!!!!!!!!

      • lolololol… They do.. it suprising, but split screen doesnt require extra power. I read it somewhere a while back, if i remembered where i would link it but its been a long time

  • DeeezNuts

    They should put PETA characters in GTA 5 just so we can have attack dogs in the game. Just imagine that u can sick your dog on someone in a multi player game and they can sick their dog on your dog. or u can train your dog atleast.

    • Ted

      Apparently it’s already been confirmed that you can get pets/create a farm, in GTA V. And yes, attack dogs to guard houses, ride in cars, attack people.

      • No it hasn’t, that’s just retarded.

      • Www Tnair060897

        how do u know

      • DeeezNutz

        thankx sir

  • DeeezNuts

    Instead of the Police taking u to Jail all the time, they should be able to write u a ticket sometimes and deduct the money from your bank roll instead of taking u downtown all the time

  • DeeezNuts

    at Strip Clubs they should let u see your money rain on the strippers, stripper booties need to be more jigglier. They should let u sex a prostitute while on foot in an alley. Head should have a loud slurping noise. Prostitute should have pimps come thru the rescue in case of emergency.

    • Tgta

      You have a reeeeeal big problen !! Thats just sick, seek help! U give annoying moms complaining about theese games a good reason, ur a disgrace to the gta society! P.s kill yourself if you feel like it

      • Ted

        Wow, calm down Tgta, I think you’re the one needing help if you’re asking some average teenage guy to kill himself.

        • DeeezNutz

          Something is really wrong with your homeboy tgta. I think he has OCD or whatever. but i think i set him straight for u in my last reply. I know u probably hate being in public with him?

      • DeeezNutz

        FACT: THIS GAME ALWAYS had a M Rating meaning MATURE 17 0r 18 FACT: IM 25 years of AGE.  FACT: I work so got damm much that i cant do the stuff that im requesting in game in real  life anymore because when im off i have run around and pay the bills, do housework, do lawnwork and everything else i cant get done because im working 95% of the time. Now the Parents that let their KIDS Play a Mature RATED game, that is illegal and they need to seek help, plus im tired of hearing these kids ANNOYING little VOICES on the ADULT GAMES. PaRENTS should be ARRESTED for letting their Children play ADULT GAMES. Another

  • DeeezNuts

    they should let us have GTA vice city Running speed

  • DeeezNuts

    In FREE MOde in multiplayer let us Grapple(grab) our opponent and use the TRUNK of our CAR to put them in

    • Kaden

      sick ass ideas man that would be pretty tight, kinda doubt they added those features though

  • Jay

    Play darts and ride funfair rides…….. really. the little side things were a turn off for most in the last game. i cant see it beeing the holy grail in this game.

    Make the player feel human again………. if i want to feel human i go play darts, bowling, go to themeparks in the real world with actual humans

    • Prophetless

      I’ll take the mini-games and side things with Free Mode than to be constantly shot up by somebody. Back when a lot of people played GTA 4 Free Mode, people were always finding something to do. Racing at the airport, back flips with Sanchez’s on the ramps at the airport, break dancing with the commercial trucks at the airport, race from the airport to Alderney and back, law enforcement shootout on top on the museum in Algonquin, tricking people about a secret island by dropping them off so far off the map, racing on the subway tracks, etc…

  • gta V = GOTY

    I don’t care much for Co-Op. I’d like to see it just like gta IV for instance Bomb Da Base ect but i’d much prefere a free mode where you can just mess about with your friends.

    • Llpalm08

      There was a free mode on GTA IV online, I used to play it all the time with a few mates online, firstly there was the party mode where you all spawn around the abandoned casino and had free roam of the map while waiting for everyone to be ready to join. Then there was free roam where you can spawn anywhere on the map and if you set to invite only it you dont have any of the nutters joining that just want to kill everyone all the time.

  • ….

    Role-play Multiplayer. Just like the SAMP MOD

  • ?????????????????

    co-op campaign deffo thats all i want.

  • Ozsystem82

    I heard a rumour that Rockstar got a severe telling off from the controlling company take2. The reason for this is that Rockstar should never have released the Gta 5 trailer so soon. Take2 want Gta released for the next finacial year 13/14. This is due to a weakened development schedule for that period. Take2 say that all fans would easily wait another 2 years for Gta. So don’t expect any news for the rest of the year. Sorry

    • ?????????????????

      all i can say son is u heard WRONG. Or your talking s**t but its deffo 1 of the 2

    • callum

      Dude, they’ve confirmed that the build models for everything is complete.. this means they are in alpha/beta testing and it will start marketing very soon

      • Ted

        Where’d you hear that from?

        • Ozsystem82

          I heard this as a rumour so it may not be accurate. I heard it from a work colleague who has a friend, who’s friend works in the city. Apparently she is a consultant who works very close to senior management at T2.

          Also expect to hear more info on gta in oct nov time when black ops and hitman come out. Rockstar are looking to steal the limelight around this time. Should be gta game details and more pics

    • jordan_houston_rfc

      your obviously telling lies how would you possibly find that out your just a Nat to that company 

    • mrx

       no…..just no

    • Jack

      They are to release it this financial year, 12/13.

    • your dumb

  • Demps

    Co-op campaign baby!!!! That would be a dream come true!