GTA V on PS Vita not so impossible any more

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2012

After asking you for your thoughts on GTA V multiplayer, we now have one massive rumor to share with you. Sony is apparently in the process of conducting a survey, suggesting that a PS Vita version of Grand Theft Auto could be on the way.

We have spoke about this in the past, on how we felt a PS Vita version of GTA V needed to come, but to actually see the first possible evidence of this becoming a reality is very exciting indeed.

The survey, revealed by Digital Spy shows that Sony has been asking users on the possibility of picking up a Vita version of Grand Theft Auto, for a discounted price for owners that have already picked up the PS3 version of GTA V.

Screenshots have shown examples of the discount on offer, ranging from a £5 discount off the Vita version of GTA, all the way down to completely free, if you have already bought the PS3 version – Don’t forget that this is a scheme that already exists with the PS Vita and PS3 versions of MotorStorm RC, just for reference.

The survey continues to ask whether users would either prefer to pick up a retail version of selected games, or a digital copy instead with a £5 instant discount attached to it. Some of the logos of games shown include Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto – all unreleased games at the moment.

Are Sony and Rockstar on the verge of announcing something which would send shockwaves through PS Vita owners? The most anticipated game right now is arguably Call of Duty and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but we can safely say that a GTA V game for PS Vita would easily eclipse that in our opinion.

It may also be worth mentioning that prior to the announcement of the All-Stars Battle Royale game, it too had shown up early in some leaked Sony surveys, so bear that in mind. If a PS Vita version is really in development, we’re guessing that a 2012 release would be out of the question, since we still are no clearer to knowing how complete the console version is at the moment.

GTA V on PS Vita folks – what would you make of this announcement? Let’s hope we hear some more clues on this soon.

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  • fgf

    im thinkin about gettin a vita for cristmas coz of cod and assassins creed but if gta and rdr came out on vita i will promise sony ill cop mine form a game shop so they get the profit but if you dont make gta and rdr then go bum youself

  • platomaker

    GTA5 on vita where multiplayer could be online or ad-hoc, but have something special for the ad-hoc experience.

  • Richard Belk

    No way will it be the full game if it is released for PS Vita.

    It will be like Chinatown wars was.

  • Boi

    There is a very easy way to get around this. If Sony wanted to they could allow us to play PS3 games through remote play on our ps vita’s but obviously we then would never buy ps vita titles. The way around this could be remote play passes purchased from ps store for say a fiver or so 🙂 thanks in advance Sony if you do this in the near future and send payment to gtrspeedsterevox lol

  • mat

    gta fans need to learn how to spell.

  • mrx

     NO ONE CARES ABOUT PS VITA. WE WANT GTA 5 AND WE WANT IT NOW….. THERES SOOO MUCH BS BEING SAID ON GTA 5 SPECULATING THE RELEASE DATE. ALL THIS IS BSS. who ever writes this is a complete noob. give us real true fact. by doing something that does not involve sercing the net for info. these “journalists” sould go interview rockstar.

    thank you and goodnight.

    • Niko Bellic

       How about YOU go interview them. R* cares about their product, so they need to perfect it. When it releases, go buy it. Dont rush them. Oh and by the way, Ps Vita is awesome.

  • Djo-A

    man i’m waiting for the day? of pre-ordering the GTA5, so in case that i know i’ll be having it when it out :)……..

  • Alex

    I think that some HD Remakes of 3, Vice City and San Andreas would be good for the Vita, i need some good titles to play on my £200 console that i havent really used, but GTA 5 would be an interesting project to put onto the vita in my opinion

  • gta is my thing

    i would consider getting a ps vita if there was a gta title on the way but i have to agree with (gta vfan) as long as it doesnt delay the main game. My guess is GTA V will be released 2013, and we we will get hd remakes of gta 3 and vice city this october to celebrate the vice city 10 year annivsary.

  • noober suckston

    Maybe could be a port of IV or a new Stories game like San Andreas Stories xD

  • gta vfan

    Ehh I wouldnt mind it coming to psvita (as long as it doesnt delay the release of the game!) because I’d rather play it on a big hd tv on my ps3

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      I’d prefer it on the Vita by far. An open-world game you can play anywhere > an open-world game that has you tethered to an immobile TV. Not only that but the Vita’s OLED screen is way prettier than my 1080p, IPS monitor.

      At the end of the day I’d prefer to have choice over being limited to one platform. I sooo hope for GTA5 on the Vita.

      • nick

         no. play gta sa on ps2 or xbox than play gta vicecity stories and tell me which is better. thats ur oppinion and its wrong.

        • Duckislate

          You can`t compare the difference between PS2/PSP and PS3/PSV, as it`s pretty clear that the Vita has far more possibilites as a handheld (Two analog sticks, touch-screens, etc.). The power is also comparable to the home consoles. But what the heck do GTA: VCS on PSP have to do with GTA V on PSV anyways?
          …then explain me how someone else`s opinion can be wrong? That`s a self-contradiction in my book.