Authenticity added to WWE 13 Attitude Era with Tyson, Heyman promo

We have some very interesting news for wrestling fans now, as it looks confirmed that new WWE Hall of Famer, Iron Mike Tyson is set to be included in the upcoming and highly anticipated WWE 13 video game.

This should be ringing alarm bells for some of you, since Mike Tyson was one of the surprise names that was included in the early leaked roster, which some people are still not sure if it’s real or not. It does now seem likely that the roster is real though, as this is the latest clue in a series of hints that should tell you that this roster is going to be the real thing.

The teaser video doesn’t actually state that Mike Tyson is going to be the game, but with Tyson saying that ‘he’s getting back in the ring’ and none other than Paul Heyman providing the ‘Mickey from Rocky style pep talk’ – it’s safe to assume that he will be included. Don’t forget that Paul Heyman also interviewed Brock Lesnar for his WWE 12 video game promo, so it looks like the WWE are still putting Heyman to good use, even though he hasn’t been seen on RAW for a few weeks.

Assuming that Iron Mike is in the game, how do you feel about his inclusion? If you have been watching wrestling for years, you may remember a certain famous storyline involving Mike Tyson, Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels. We could see a reality where WWE has put Tyson in the game, specifically to recreate these moments, as part of their new Attitude Era storyline.

The moment when Stone Cold stuck those two fingers up at Tyson back in 1998 was one of the defining moments of the Attitude Era in my opinion and you just don’t see RAW brawls like that in today’s era sadly. What a shrewd piece of business it would be though for WWE to include Iron Mike in the game as part of his deal to enter the Hall of Fame and at the end of the day folks – he may not be a wrestler, but he has every right to be part of that Attitude Era roster as DX and the other guys dotw.

Are you happy that Tyson is in WWE 13 or not? Don’t forget to look at the leaked roster again if you want to see who else is coming.



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