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New iPad Smart Case finally covers the back

When the second-generation iPad released we ordered within minutes, which had been a major update to our first generation Apple tablet, although we did wonder why the iPad Smart Cover didn’t protect the back? Now owning the iPad 3 and using the same Smart Cover it seems that our iPad is pretty well protected and there is no need to worry, but then following WWDC 2012 we see Apple release a new iPad Smart Case that finally covers the back.

Why would Apple change their mind? This is Apple we are talking about and it’s hard to get information out of them at the best of times, but looking at the official Apple Store page they do state, “The slim-yet-sturdy iPad Smart Case protects your iPad screen and its aluminum back. So your iPad is fully covered on all sides“.

It now seems Apple agrees with thousands of iPad owners, which means they should’ve protected the back with the Smart Cover from day one. The 2012 iPad Smart Case comes in a range of colors and has a price of $49 at the time of writing. You can see more images here on the official store.

Do you think Apple should have protected the iPad back from the start with their Smart Case, and have you had any damage caused thanks to leaving the back open? It’s worth pointing out that our iPads have never had any problems with the old Smart Case, although we do take good care of our gadgets.



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