Final Fantasy 14 2.0 still a priority for PS3, not PS4

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2012

If you have been wondering what has happened to the state of Final Fantasy XIV, especially on the Sony PS3, you’ll be pleased to hear that Square-Enix has now given a much needed update on the status of the game.

After the somewhat disasterous launch for the game on PC back in September 2010, Square-Enix decided that they would go back to the drawing board and revamp the game completely. The game will now be relaunching as Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 and despite the fact that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still thought to be in development on PS3, Square-Enix has said that they made a promise to PS3 gamers to finally release the game on their platform.

Given the long delay and all the talk about the next-gen PlayStation already, there had even been suggestions that Final Fantasy 14 wouldn’t make it out on the PS3, thus Square-Enix opting to make this a next-gen title instead. However, game director Naoki Yoshida spoke to Eurogamer during E3 and said that this wouldn’t be the case.

Being an online MMO game, there is obviously a very serious possibility that Final Fantasy XIV will also end up as a PS4 title, but for the moment – the game will still be launching on PS3. During the interview, Yoshida had this to say:

”We made a promise to our players that we are going to release this on PlayStation 3. So we must first fulfil that promise. That is our first goal. We must work as hard as we can to fulfil the promise that we made to the players.”

Even better news for PS3 owners, is that Yoshida also said that the team are still on schedule to meet their Q1 2013 release date for the game on PS3. The big job for the company now though is convincing PS3 players that Final Fantasy 14 2.0 is now the finished product and not the same game that they put out on PC.

Are you remotely interested in trying out the Final Fantasy 14 MMO on PS3, or are you more concerned about the state of Versus XIII? Hopefully we will get details on both games at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

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  • RubyWeapon

    I totally agree with Syn because they have been promising Vs13 for like 4ever!! I was devastated by the huge, and i mean Huge FAIL of 13 and 13-2. by ff standards they don’t deserve to use the name anymore. please put us gamers out of our misery and launch the damn game and stop with all the bullcrap!!!


    Forget about Final Fail XIV, Square Enix! I want meh VERSUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …Sorry. I don’t usually act like a rabid fan, but the situation calls for it. Instead of working on Versus XIII so we can decide once and for all if it will save Square, they’re working on newer versions of crappy games (Final Linearity XIII-2, which I heard was less linear but wasn’t really necessary and baffling because XIII wasn’t too good by Final Fantasy standards, and Final Fail XIV 2.0).
    Please stop with this bullcrap, Square! I want to know if Versus is really going to save you or if it’s going to be just another pretty picture like XIII, but I can’t make my decision about it until you MAKE THE STUPID GAME!!!

  • Sam

    give me final fantasy versus xiii!!!!

    they should have given up on FFXIV a long time ago…

    • Masamune600

      They are two completely unrelated projects.
      Whether they gave up on 14 or now, it wouldn’t change the status of 13-Versus

      • Syn Genesis F

        Actually they are related, the first development team that is in charge of Versus Xiii had to have its manpower shifted in order for them to re-release XIV, it has been given priority over Versus which is why even in my opinion they should have releases Versus first and then had the whole team continue to perfect XIV.