CryEngine 3 matches Unreal Engine 4, next-gen ready

By Alan Ng - Jun 15, 2012

If you have been impressed by the recent unveiling of the Unreal Engine 4 with the E3 tech demo, you may be interested to hear that a rival graphics engine is apparently as good as the Unreal Engine 4.

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has said that their CryEngine 3 has been available for three years already and is still on-par with what Epic Games have just introduced with Unreal Engine 4.

Introduced back in 2009 at the Game Developers Conference, Cevat Yerli even said that the CryEngine 3 is next-gen ‘ready’ at the moment, unlike the Unreal Engine 4 which is still being developed and is unlikely to make its appearance until deep into 2013. Yerli went on to say that all the things that you’re seeing with the Unreal Engine 4 right now, the CryEngine 3 can do already – hinting that the company hasn’t even ‘put their latest stuff out yet’.

More competition is certainly good when it comes to buying the best looking games next year, but how will Crytek be able to back up their words with regards to Crysis 3? The game will be using the CryEngine 3 next year when it releases, but from what we saw from the E3 gameplay demo, it doesn’t look very next-gen to us at the moment.

Don’t get us wrong, it does look pretty good – but as good as the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo? We’re not so sure for now. The big questions will probably be answered when we find out what the first Unreal Engine 4 game will be and what type of actual gameplay graphics it can produce.

Unreal Engine 4 may be the most impressive thing you’ve seen at E3, but it is also worth keeping an eye on the Luminous Engine from Square Enix too, as we think it looks fantastic so far. What are your thoughts on Crytek saying that their CryEngine 3 is next-gen already and can match the Unreal Engine 4 in quality?

We’ve included a gampelay video of Crysis 3 from E3, as well as the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo if you haven’t already seen it. We’ve also put the CryEngine 3 tech demo from a few months ago as well, since it is probably very harsh to judge Crytek’s engine purely on Crysis 3 – their tech demo is equally as impressive too.

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  • covcomm

    Cryengine3 is not even close. First of all it wont allow developers to import art assets using the industry standard FBX format, they force you to use a converter which almost always mangles your artwork. Since designing a AAA game is 90% designing artwork, you just slowed you’re productivity by 90%. This is the number one reason no one but crytek is using cryengine 3 to make anything.

    Second the global illumination (realistic lighting) only works on static objects, Unreal Engine 4 does realistic lighting on moving objects, making it easier and faster to get that AAA look.

    The luminous engine will not be licensed to anyone, it will only be used to make a grand total of one game. Whoppty effing do.

  • GTA is better