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Amazing iPhone 5 renders should be the real thing

Nobody knows for sure what the next iPhone will look like other than Apple of course, but thanks to recent design leaks and speculation, some amazing looking renders have popped up online, possibly giving us a glimpse at what the iPhone 5 may end up looking like.

If you have been keeping up with the latest series of iPhone 5 rumors, you’ll probably be aware that one of the main design changes for the new iPhone, compared to the iPhone 4S is thought to be a larger display screen which could give users the 4-inch display that they have craved for a long time.

This vision has been interpreted by Martin Utrecht, who has provided the realistic looking renders over on his Flickr profile. Also evident in the picture above is the use of aluminum materials, which you may have already seen in a previous suspected design leak here.

The other major points of observation include redesigned speaker grills, a relocation of the 3.5mm headphone jack which is now at the bottom of the device, and the movement of the FaceTime camera to the center of the front side – the latter being a strong rumor for quite some time now.

It appears that some tech sites have already been fooled into thinking that these are leaked pictures of the sixth generation iPhone, but that is probably due to the amazing quality that Utrecht has managed to produce. We certainly would have no problems if the iPhone 5 did end up looking like this, and we’re definitely loving the combinations of black mixed in with the aluminum back casing.

How would you feel if this ended up being an accurate representation of Apple’s next iPhone? Would you make any changes design wise or not? Let’s hope that Apple has a Fall event planned for the big unveil.



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