GTA V release date prolonged by Black Ops 2?

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2012

Rockstar are really beginning to push it now you feel, with regards to when they are going to give the whole world another glimpse at Grand Theft Auto V. We didn’t see at E3, it looks like we’re not getting a separate event like some had hoped straight after E3, but analysts have given their thoughts on when they believe the game will be out.

One of the analysts who has spoken about GTA V recently is none other than Michael Pachter and you’ll probably be unsurprised to hear that he has once again given his interesting take on Rockstar’s prolonged release tactics. When speaking to Xbox360 Magazine, he has been quoted as saying that Rockstar may chose to release the game on October 23rd – which just so happens to be the same date that Rockstar launched GTA: Chinatown Wars in Europe for reference sake.

However, he also cast an element of worry in fan’s minds by saying that Rockstar may be put off releasing the game in their traditional October window, due to a certain Call of Duty Black Ops 2 game launching in the same period. If this does become a serious option for Rockstar, then Pachter thinks that Rockstar may release the game in May 2013 instead.

Would you be satisfied with a Summer 2013 release though? That is a considerable wait for a game that has only been shown in a brief trailer back in November 2011 you have to say. How would you feel though if Rockstar are deliberately holding off from release due to Black Ops 2? Maybe they want the limelight all to themselves, and if they release in the same period as Black Ops 2 this year, they may not get it.

With The Last of Us now shipping in 2013 after faint 2012 release hopes, will the same happen for GTA V?

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  • GTA 4 LI

    i don’t think it’s going to realese 2012 because they havent given us enough info yet.. i mean it’s already (august) and no gameplay has been leaked or anything

  • Amar Xeon

    i hope they haven’t started the development with the
    first trailer, they must have crossed some milestone before
    releasing it….

  • DaEmOn77

    Are you lot for real GTA vs COD, there is no contest, COD will win every time as proven with black ops and MW3. The facts don’t lie and that is why R* are thinking of not releasing GTA V at the same time as Black Ops 2 because they know very well where the money will be spent.

    • Superpyro70

      Cod is on a path to its own destruction.  BO2 is either going to be a turning point or a practical end to the franchise.

  • Mr english teacher

    i am a engish teacher 

    • Kajpasad

      I am an english teacher. *

      You spelled it wrong!

  • GTA

    Cod can be played all year long with its multiplayer…which means GTA fans can simply not play cod for a while to play GTA… Fans put cod to the side for lesser titles….why wouldnt they throw it to the side for the GTA….October is my guess

  • That guy

    You know what’s funny? This pachter fella said the same thing about IV and Halo 3 – that he analysed R* might not want to release it alongside halo, but R* said that didn’t worry them – why would it now?
    R* will release it when it’s ready. It might be November this year, it might be November next year.
    Obviously I’m not an expert, but the point is they will release when it’s ready and some of you whining fans could do well with a bit of patience.

    I’m right there with you all – I want to rip into this game. I’m a little hesitant about returning to a smaller Los santos but hell, let’s do this. R* have yet to put out a game that hasn’t won me over but hey, There’s a first time for everything!

    • Superpyro70

      Replying to that guy -.- …
      R* could care less about fanboys unlike most other companies.

  • Dcomms

    Even though Gta and black ops will both make a killing I think rockstar should wait till 2013 because not everyone is going to want to buy 2 game in a 1or2 month period I would think gta can kill black ops but there’s always those millions of 10 year olds on xbox and ps3

    • Superpyro70

      lol, I don’t even they are 10 yet dude.

  • Kporter75_

    rockstar doesnt understand that if they make more trailers theyll win over cod… cod is one of those games that get old after awhile and u have to stop playing for a little bit, unless ur a serious fag, like serious… ive played gta 22 hours straight… i play gta a minimum of 5 hours a day.. i have all cods… cod wuld b lucky to have 2 hours a week… they jus need to bring it sooner.. i mean look at gta 4… its was award winning for the most sold for, wat? like 4 years i think? but if gta v is like saints row 3 or like some of the fake demos on youtube.. i swear to god i will break the disc cut myself with it n fuk a fat chick.. nuff said

  • Riley

    Hey guys go on Wikipedia and go to both game titles gta shits on cod selling more than twice as much than cod ove the whole gta series

    GTA forever rules the gaming industry

    Oct. 1997

  • Mikeseanclifton

    I hope they don’t delay Grand Theft Auto V just for Black Ops 2!  I don’t even like Call of Duty!  Forget all the other game titles!  Grand Theft Auto’s where it’s at!

  • Mike

    Don’t delay Grand Theft Auto V just for Black Op 2!  I don’t even like Call of Duty!  Forget all the other titles!  Grand Theft Auto’s where it’s at!

  • Wrexham25

    I reckon the reason they won’t say anything is because one of the major leaks on gta is true, so they’ve had to change character names / story lines etc to avoid looking stupid

  • urbonix

    Wow– R* is kinda pissing me off.. it’s been what, like 4 years since GTA 4?  L.A. Noire was MEH… Max Payne is dope but the multi player is hella limited.. I’m a patient dude but DAMN! 2013?!? WTF….
    Well, I’ll just keep my 2 pre-orders in on BestBuy & hope for good news…


    See ya online ..

    urbonix on PS3

  • Saim_52

    need r trying to beat their record for sales

  • Guest

    Who cares? They are both 2 separate game genres. You are comparing apples to oranges here. 

     It doesn’t matter what time of year you put a game out, there’s always going to be competition.

    At the end of the day, both games are proven monsters and are anticipated by millions. They will both do fine in sales. For R* to be worried about another game in a different genre is ridiculous.  I like both game titles and will buy both. Just because they come out in the same period doesn’t mean I’m going to choose one over the other.  And I’m pretty sure I’m not only with this opinion.

    • Way

      Thank god your not in marketing. 

      • afatrodent

        Thank God YOU’RE not an english teacher.

        • GTAV

          Thank God you’re not an English teacher. 
          Don’t make grammatical errors in your posts when mocking others for theirs.

  • Prophetless

    Rockstar doesn’t have anything to worry about by going back to October releases for the GTA games. Especially this year. There’s not a game that even puts a dent into the quality story and time it takes to complete that story that Rockstar delivers with GTA. With GTA 4, it takes me 18-22 hours to complete the story depending on how fast I go. I usually go play bowling or pool from time to time to take a break from the story which will get me around 21 hours. My 2nd playthrough in 2008 to get 100% was 65-70 hours. So, with GTA 5’s map of Los Santos/beaches/surrounding countryside rumored to be 3-5 times the size of Liberty City, that’s going to be A LOT of hours just for single player. I’ll take GTA 5 over the other games coming out late this year.

  • Aervid123

    Man you guys saying that GTA V will get more sales then CoD are stupid, no matter how crappy each new CoD comes out they get over the million mark. GTA is obviously better but it will not win at sales, mainly because CoD has a better multiplayer then GTA.

    Anyways I think Patch made a great guess, Oct 2012 or May 2013 seems like the most reasonable choice Rockstar can do.

    • Superpyro70

      better multiplayer my ass, its the damn kiddies that are keeping it afloat.

  • Jon

    It will be out in May 2013. Just wait and see. Given the bugs that have dogged their last 2 titles; La Noire and Max Payne 3, they need all the extra time they can get to iron things out, given it’s their defining franchise. Releasing in Oct 2012 would put their biggest game up against unnecessary competition

  • RH

    I don’t see why it wont release at the same time as COD because GTA is miles better and would therefore kick COD’s ass in terms of sales. Also, the only difference between every COD game is a bunch of new maps and weapons, the actual gameplay is pretty much the same; COD is s**t. GTA is boss.

    • Stiigmatiize

      Many people don’t see it that way. Eve though GTA V IS better than Black Ops 2 litte kids are gonna ask their parents to buy them that game because all their friends will be getting it as well. It’s a vicious cycle and that’s why CoD targets their games towards little kids, so they get attracted to it and since many parents want to limit teir buying of video games either because they can’t afford it or don’t want their kid playing too much will buy only one game, therefore narrowing the kids’ decision to Black Ops 2 because it’s what everyone is getting.

    • Superpyro70

      gta is nearly boss but cod is way beyond s**t, its even worse

  • Guest

    Patcher is a total moron. May 2013? Does he really think they would release a game nearly 2 years after they announce it and had been worked on for 5 years? Rockstar is confident in themselves enough to release it around the same time Crap of Duty gets released. As far as I can tell, Black Ops 2 isn’t going to be as popular as MW2 and the only people who will buy it will be prepubescent morons.

    • Superpyro70

      said like a true boss

  • Rockstar Suck!

    rockstar are dickheads giving us a 1 minute clip of the game then silence 7 months wtf they need to sort them selves out

    • huhuh rokst@r sux

      Wow, are you like 10 years old or something? Have some goddamn patience.

      • Benperez69


      • Superpyro70

        i think he is even younger than that

  • Xeon

    first trailor of GTA IV released on 
    29 March 2007 and game itself came out on 29 April 2008, so a gap of 13 months…so october release doesn’t look promising for GTA V.  

    • Mandeep Hara

      It was to be released in october but due to ps3 bugs got push to a april release.

  • Considering the last GTA was April 2008, I think it’s an absolute disgrace we’ve had to wait half a decade for another installment. Some franchises, such as Assassins’ Creed, are releasing phenomenal games on a yearly basis. Now, I don’t expect GTA to do the same – I couldn’t handle a new GTA every year. But why Activision can throw out a new AC every year, make an absolute killing from it and see it have extremely high ratings, but Rockstar need 5 years to get a new GTA out is beyond me.

  • Shane

    GTA V being released in October would rape black ops , COD is really a terrible game

    • Superpyro70

      early cod games were great but the new games are serious epic flops

  • Cole2k12

    This is ridiculous if they release in May next year, it’s like when everyone thought it was gonna be May this year because of the Curbed “2405” in the trailer. We need another Trailer ASAP Rockstar…….

    Forget the Dates being put off for a release, customers are going to be put off waiting for so long. If Take2 and Rockstar want better sales as soon as, then they should release by October or if we’re lucky, a couple months before…..

  • Newbie

    GTA should better be released before Christmas 2012 season, otherwise if they delay it to 2013 it would be too close to the next gen consoles release in expected 2013. And by then there would be more advanced games in terms of graphics and AI and GTA V would already seem a thing of the past. Watch Dogs is a clear example of that.  

    • Superpyro70

      the next gen consoles are not going to be the quantum leap in which we expecting, but we will see once they are released

  • Yeah, I think soon my husband will not get away from PC:(

  • Really? Rockstar scared to release the game in October because of COD? I think it should be the other way around which is COD is worried about GTA being released in October

  • Djroonie2000

    If they wait till 2013 i simply wont buy it. (And im a big GTA fan whos bought every GTA title)  I loved it when GTA games launched in October as the fall is when i start to stay in a bit more. Come May ill out with friends and traveling the world,far to busy to play games. PLUS in 2013 i wont be buying any new games as i will be putting money aside to buy an xbox 720 or ps4 which will inevitably be exspensive and be coming out fall 2013. If it launches October 2012 ill buy it and play it right through to Christmas….if it doesnt i wont buy it….simple as that.

    • Well if you were a big fan you would buy it no matter what date they decide to release it!

    • Superpyro70

      i wouldn’t advise buying the nextgen consoles at the launch

  • Mujinu

    The grammar in this article is so horrible I almost didn’t read it…Which I regret doing. “GTA V is delayed because of a popular game.” That is the dumbest rumor I’ve heard in years.

    • Rob

      It makes sense. Similar market means mean people generally buy one or the other. Generally the big multiplayer games are people’s first choice. And they by that first. That means delayed or even non-sales of GTA because people are already playing COD. 
      It’s like when a wow expansion comes out. You dont bring out another MMO a week later because everyone is playing wow, racing to be in the elite players at the top of the leaderboards. 

  • Jfjj

    Well next year there will just be another cod, so release it now – black ops will be a flop.

  • Jokerkid

    This is common sense. its obviously october or may

  • Strictclybiz

    If they still haven’t released the second trailer and it’s mid way through June than this game will not come out until 2013. It’s only logical that it come out in 2013.

  • 123

    i hope rockstar realease it the same time as COD, its about time someone stole the limelight from COD every november. and in my opinion, GTA V will definately give Black Ops 2’s arsehole a good thrashing when both are released. (CoD: Black Ops 2 < GTA V)

  • Anon

    Rockstar could release the game next week with hardly any warning and still make millions, if they release the game in early October do you honestly think people will not buy GTA V and wait a whole month for a game which is basically the same as every other COD but set in 2025?

  • Joeyblackbutt

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say, SUCK MY BALLS!!!!!

  • Sheldon Cooper.

    Screw Call of Duty, there’s room for two games. Stop being cowards, Rockstar and release the goddamn game already.

  • Rpvilleneuve

    Screw black open I WANT GTA V!!!!”

  • ratherunique

    gta 5 is dead to me after watching that watchdogs game demo

    • Strictclybiz

      Watch Dogs looked ok

  • No Limit Inc


  • Nick

    There is no running from COD. They release new game every freakin’ year. It would be pointless. You are either going to buy GTA, COD, or both. It’s not going to make a difference. The only difference that will be made on who buys the game is the people getting pissed about no new trailer or info on GTA V yet.

  • gta V = GOTY

    Well i guess they’re right. Releasing it on Oct wouldn’t be a good idea. I mean it’s not frear for CoD because they’ll bearly make any sales.
    In all seriousness though i wouldn’t mind playing gta V in the summer. I prefere that than playing it in the winter, but the wait is too long. It’ll be worth it 100% for sure.

  • Poserowdale

    They better not, ive been waiting too long for this game. I dont even want black ops 2.

  • CJ

    I for one thank R* for showing us a trailer of the greatest game ever long before its planned release.  What a treat to get a full on trailer of the next GTA game when nobody (even the analysts!) expected it. The same reigns true (in my humble opinion) of the release date. I bet they announce the release weeks or even days before its planned release date.  Its not the steak, its the sizzle. C    

  • Mulveyjoshua


    • Cole2k12

      Lol I have less months than you

  • Dear Rockstar,
    Your decision on putting of GTA V back because you guys want Max Payne to be successful is ridiculous. If consumers wanted Max Payne and GTA V came out the same time, they’ll will buy both. Don’t hold back the game because you know we’ll end up buying it. Have respect and at least give us information about GTA V. It’s been 7 months

  • ?????????????????

    I agree with Radikaltekno, in the sense that waiting to put a game out because another succesful game is coming out  is a sign of mental defeat, although i would use the words mental weakness, but same thing sort of. NO game could compare to gta, rockstar should know this. Put gta v up against any game ever and guess who wins, yep ROCKSTAR WITH GTA V, simple as that just bring it out already, i agree u have ur gta fans and ur cod fans but there are more gta and i mean allot more gta fans out there, bring it out october 23rd and release all other info on the game june 23rd that gives u the 4 month u need to inform retailers of the release date. OR HAS THAT BEEN THE PLAN ALL ALONG???????????????????????

    • Benperez69

      It has!!

  • Radikaltekno

    Waiting to put out a game because another succesful game is coming out is a sign of mental defeat and this kind of attitude should not exist at rockstar. If everyone waited or refrained from doing something because they think something bigger will affects their limelight, nothing would ever occur in this world…. Just bring out the damn game asap!!!!