GTA V release date prolonged by Black Ops 2?

Rockstar are really beginning to push it now you feel, with regards to when they are going to give the whole world another glimpse at Grand Theft Auto V. We didn’t see at E3, it looks like we’re not getting a separate event like some had hoped straight after E3, but analysts have given their thoughts on when they believe the game will be out.

One of the analysts who has spoken about GTA V recently is none other than Michael Pachter and you’ll probably be unsurprised to hear that he has once again given his interesting take on Rockstar’s prolonged release tactics. When speaking to Xbox360 Magazine, he has been quoted as saying that Rockstar may chose to release the game on October 23rd – which just so happens to be the same date that Rockstar launched GTA: Chinatown Wars in Europe for reference sake.

However, he also cast an element of worry in fan’s minds by saying that Rockstar may be put off releasing the game in their traditional October window, due to a certain Call of Duty Black Ops 2 game launching in the same period. If this does become a serious option for Rockstar, then Pachter thinks that Rockstar may release the game in May 2013 instead.

Would you be satisfied with a Summer 2013 release though? That is a considerable wait for a game that has only been shown in a brief trailer back in November 2011 you have to say. How would you feel though if Rockstar are deliberately holding off from release due to Black Ops 2? Maybe they want the limelight all to themselves, and if they release in the same period as Black Ops 2 this year, they may not get it.

With The Last of Us now shipping in 2013 after faint 2012 release hopes, will the same happen for GTA V?



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