Potential iPhone 5 easter egg from WWDC

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2012

After Apple showed off their new MacBook Pro, iOS 6 and many other delights at WWDC 2012, there has still been considerable talk on the fact that we didn’t see the next-generation iPhone. However, some skeptics are pondering whether Apple did in actual fact give a glimpse of the iPhone 5 at the event which went completely unnoticed.

If you tuned into a live blog, there’s a good chance that you will remember the portion about Siri support being integrated into cars with the use of a physical button. During the event, Apple showed an image of how this will work, and some whispers have begun online that the iPhone seen in the picture could be the next iPhone.

The reasons behind this, is that it appears to the eye that this is a ‘taller’ iPhone than the iPhone 4S, but in reality it is probably just a stretched out iPhone 4S which isn’t proportion. We would find it very hard to believe that Apple would deliberately plant their next-generation iPhone into an image just like that, but if they have then consider us impressed.

If you see the image above, you’ll may also question why the FaceTime camera is still in the same position. This is due to continued rumors suggesting that Apple will switch the FaceTime camera to the top center of the front casing. We also find it very hard to believe that Apple would waste so much white space at the bottom of the device as seen in the image, so again that is another reason why we think this image has just been stretched out.

What are your thoughts on this? Has Apple planted the mother of all easter eggs at WWDC 2012, or did they just photoshop an iPhone 4S and stretch it out a bit for illustration purposes?

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  • BS! Thats all I have to say… I’m sorry, but do you have anything else to post except false information!?