Nintendo thinking about next-gen PS Vita beater

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2012

If you have recently bought a Nintendo 3DS, you may be disappointed to hear that Nintendo are already planning to release another handheld. Some of you may have been expecting a new iteration of the 3DS to release next, but Nintendo has said that they are currently in the planning stage with regards to a next-generation handheld instead.

This obviously implies that they are looking go straight after Sony and their PS Vita system, which easily has the better hardware specs and capabilities out of the box. When speaking to IGN recently, mario creator and Nintendo’s EAD manager Shigeru Miyamoto has suggested that the Nintendo 3DS is sufficient for this ‘current generation’, distancing the company away from rumors regarding a potential 3DS ‘XL’ model.

Here’s an additional quote from the great man which should be of huge interest to Nintendo fans: “What we’re thinking about right now is probably going to be for a future generation of handheld.”

Could it be that we will see a brand new next-gen handheld from Nintendo with specs on par with that of the Vita? At the moment, Nintendo may be fearing that interest in the 3DS has considerably died down, with the PS Vita just about to launch a new barrage of games, so the only offensive to them could be a new system altogether.

What ever happens though, the 3DS clearly has a lot of life still left in the tank. Miyamoto may be teasing, but an actual 3DS successor may be years away yet. If you have recently picked up a 3DS, what are your thoughts on the surprising development? Do you think it is a good idea to launch a brand new upgraded handheld, or should they try and fend off the Vita with AAA software instead?

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  • 4g

    nintendo needs a  4g handheld to win the 8 gen

    • Facelord

       Nintendo said they’d rather subsidize 3G than have gamers pay a monthly fee for it, like Amazon and their 3G Kindles; 4G definitely isn’t going to happen any time soon with Nintendo, especially when you consider that it won’t offer much to do online when you’re on the go.

  • Facelord

    Heh, didn’t think about this until now but they could totally do two handhelds at once. They tried it with the Virtual Boy and the Gameboy Color at the same time, then later they claimed that the DS was a “second pillar” system along with the Gameboy Advance. I know I’ve totally been brainwashed since I first touched a SNES controller into loving Nintendo and all… but it feels so good to think that they could follow up the 3DS within three years with something else comparable to a Vita in hardware and quality. I sooo want that. ;_;

    I’m getting to an age where I don’t have to rely on gifts from relatives and save up money for years to get my game systems, I could totally purchase a new Nintendo handheld the day it releases… if it impresses me on the same level as the Vita. I shouldn’t get my hopes up but I definitely expect more from Nintendo. I think Nintendo understands now that they’ve lost the casual market and have to woo back the hardcore gamers, and that the 3DS just isn’t good enough for many hardcore gamers. Heck, they’ve backed themselves into a wall with the 3DS’ design and made it so that they really can’t lower its price, power efficiency or size easily. If they used more modern, more energy-efficient parts and put higher-resolution screens(or a single screen?) on it that’d rock. I do feel bad that I’m so willing to get another Nintendo handheld after the piece of crap 3DS but I’d be fine with having a Vita and a… well, whatever Nintendo’s next handheld is at the same time. I’m sure that if they could lower the price of the 3DS to $130 with lower-quality revisions kids would be all over them, and adult gamers with more money to spare and more refined taste would be all over a Vita-level Nintendo handheld.

    I don’t know if I expect another “multiple handhelds at once” approach any time soon but iOS devices are making it more clear that casuals are fine with spending lots of money on new systems right after older ones release and Nintendo’s never been totally against releasing multiple revision platforms at once that add new functionality to the experience(DSi, anyone?). I’d love a totally new handheld with way better specs or a revised, superior 3DS at $130, anything less than that just isn’t interesting to me though. :/

    • musashi miyamoto

      No Ya mauchi is the Mr Scrooge of gaming. Virtual Boy is just a experimental pet project by Gunpei. out of gratitude.

  • NIntendoro


    • Facelord

      Eh, I’d expect something that isn’t 3D personally. The tech just isn’t working out too well for a handheld, I know they wanna do it right after the Virtualboy failure but I just don’t think it’s right for handhelds. It uses up lots of power and the larger the screen the smaller the sweet spot; if you want 4-inch or larger screens(optimal size, I say) you’d have to really do tons of R&D to make it better.

      An “HD” 3DS wouldn’t let older 3DS owners play the newer games optimized at the higher resolution, development that way would be a nightmare anyways. The 3DS’ 240p upper screen is one of the most disappointing aspects of the system but, again, it’d be a software developer’s nightmare to get all that stuff working(especially with the old 3DS models). I think it’s way more likely that they differentiate between the 3DS and the new platform by making the new platform more vanilla or something, I could see a single 480p screen design with no 3D. If they did it that way people like me who hate the 3D(it gives me migraines, eyestrain, blurred vision and I just got over an eye twitch due to owning the thing for half a year) would have a great choice. I’d market the 3DS toward younger gamers(3D effect causing damage to younger eyes or no) and lower its price after a revision while marketing the newer system to adults who aren’t interested in that stuff. It’d just be way easier to have two separate, very different systems than to have an HD 3DS. :/

  • Facelord

    the only offensive to them could be a new system altogether”

    Sadly they’re sticking with the piece of crap 3DS for AT LEAST another three years, most likely they’ll stick with it for six or more years from now. The 3DS single-handedly made me go from Nintendo fanatic to disliking the company immensely, it seems they’re out of touch with what gamers want nowadays. The Vita, on the other hand, has all the features I’ve wanted since I played my Gameboy Color years ago: two analog sticks(that you can tilt, I never even dreamed of analog sticks as good as the ones on the Vita until they were shown off: THEY TILT, HNNG), a screen lovelier than the best TVs I’ve ever seen(again, OLED, something I never would’ve dreamed of), specs nearly on par with the current generation of consoles, extra inputs like motion and front and rear touch, great online functionality, a wonderful digital store and excellent battery life(a few hours longer than the 3DS when they’re both fully charged). All this and the Vita launched at the same price as the 3DS, apparently Nintendo thought the Vita would cost $400 or more. Oh man, were they wrong.

    Sure, the Wii U really interests me but I can’t, in good conscience, purchase another console from Nintendo until they can prove they’ve got their magic again; plus certain aspects of the Wii U really scare me away from it, like the lack of internal hard drive support, the fact that the specs will be really disappointing by the time the Orbis and Durango release, the fact that the screen is resistive(single-touch) and has a battery life of three to five hours AND the fact that the Wii U’s online features will still be highly disappointing. Sure, the Wii U is a fun little toy I can use to play asynchronous multiplayer titles with my family members but beyond that I just don’t expect much more out of it than the PS3 or the 360 and this is 2012. Anti-aliasing will be a little better, resolutions may be a little higher and framerates could be higher on the Wii U compared to the PS3/360 but Epic Games has already said you won’t see Unreal Engine 4 on the Wii U, it’s still an Unreal Engine 3-level system.

    On the 3DS front you’ve got 3D that nukes my eyeballs the instant I flick up the slider, awful battery life, one slide pad, shoddy design, motion control that interferes with the 3D effect, one resistive touchscreen and one that isn’t touch-capable at all and two extremely low-resolution LCD screens. Definitely doesn’t inspire awe for a second, especially when you look at the internal hardware(a dual-core 266 MHz processor, a GPU with only 4mb of VRAM and 128mb of RAM; for comparison the Vita has a 1 GHz quad-core processor, 128mb of VRAM and 512mb of RAM). The 3DS also doesn’t let you multitask like the Vita, that thing has one processor core dedicated just to letting you play music while you game and things like that. Seriously, no contest. The 3DS is just a bump above the PSP in raw power and the Vita’s pretty much 15 times as powerful as a PSP. Developers like me would really struggle to make 3DS games not look like total butt with only 4mb of VRAM rendering two screens at once, one in 3D mode. I mean, just, gawsh, the 3DS is such a piece of crap I’m ashamed that my favorite childhood company produced it. As much as I would LOVE for them to release another handheld on par with the Vita(seriously, I would give one of my kidneys for them to have done that in the first place) they’re just not going to do it. They’ve already gotten 20 million fans to purchase 3DS systems, they’ve already got a built-in audience, they’re not going to ruin that by replacing it with another handheld(especially since the wonderfulamazinglovely Vita isn’t doing so well in sales right now).

    Miyamoto just meant that his team’s working on their next handheld. For reference, they started work on the Wii U in 2008. They’re constantly working on their next systems, once they have the Wii U launched they’ll start R&D on their next console. That’s just how things work.

  • Ang3lo24

    AAA software instead,
    If you Nintendo are reading this then please
     give people what they want
    which is a new system all together
    because first of all, the only reason i brought the 3ds was cause of you nintendo
    you and your AAA games
    and a C+ console
    if you put a AAA console with AAA (Nintendo) games then you will have an AAAAAA+
    CONSOLE, And have the price $400 australian dollars and then change the price 1 month later and give
    people 5 free games,
    oh and make the console worth (after the month) $300 au dollars
    I sorta want a ps vita without the back touch, and completely 5.5 inch oled screen, and have someway to connect a screen to the bottom of the console, so you can play 3ds/ds games, and dont add the 3d feature
    it isnt bad, just not good.
    any disition, i would still buy your hand held
    good luck nintendo