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New MacBook Pro shipping update isn’t good news

If you have money to spend and are immediately looking to splash out on a brand new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, you’ll be disappointed to hear that you now face up to a months shipping time when ordering online.

Apple initially listed a ‘within 5-7 days’ shipping time just as the models appeared online after Apple’s WWDC 2012, but we are guessing that overwhelming demand for the new laptops have forced Apple to put their estimated shipping times back to up to a month.

There are two new 15-inch MacBook Pro models available and both list a 3-4 weeks shipping time. Apple’s other MacBook Pro models are unsurprisingly unaffected, but the extended delay for Apple’s new product may be cause for concern for some consumers. Traditionally, Apple would announce a solid release date for when their products ship, but they didn’t do this for the new MacBook Pros during their keynote. Does the problem stem deeper than just stock shortages that they are not willing to disclose to the public perhaps?

If you don’t fancy waiting up to a month for your new MacBook Pro to arrive, a better option may be heading to an Apple store direct to see if they’ll give you a much shorter shipping time. The revised shipping times appear to be universal as well, as we’ve spotted on the Hong Kong Apple store online that there is now a 3-4 weeks shipping time as well.

Have you already ordered a new MacBook Pro when Apple initially displayed a 5-7 days shipping time? If so, let us know if your Apple shipping confirmation has changed now to 3-4 weeks, or if you will still get it in a weeks time.



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