iPhone 4 users miss out on key iOS 6 features

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2012

We have some pretty bad news for those of you with an iPhone 4 who are looking forward to installing Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 6 update this Fall. The company has highlighted in small print on their website that the new turn-by-turn navigation features on iOS 6 will only be supported on the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad.

Since Siri is not available on the iPhone 4 anyway, some of you may have expected this. But it is a still a major blow when you think that Apple failed to mention this at their conference and have decided to reveal it in small print right at the bottom of their iOS 6 overview online.

Detailed in a series of points, they also reveal that the new FaceTime over Cellular feature won’t be available on the iPhone 4 either. This feature will be exclusive to the iPhone 4S and new iPad only, meaning that even iPad 2 users do not get to enjoy this feature.

Another questionable tactic regarding this will be Apple’s reasons for doing such a thing. We will most likely hear that turn-by-turn isn’t possible on the iPhone 4 due to the A4 processor, but as jailbreak users have found out – features like Siri and FaceTime over Cellular work better than ever on the iPhone 4.

Is it a bit sly of Apple, not to mention this at WWDC 2012 and effectively force users to upgrade their hardware in order to enjoy these key features of iOS 6? Turn-by-turn navigation within iOS 6 Maps is easily the most impressive feature seen so far and it is a big disappointment to hear that Apple can’t extend the love to their loyal iPhone 4 owners.

Did you know about this? Read the small print on Apple’s website here for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Drdave

    As much as I am an Apple product fan, it is clear that Apple has little affection for its fans. I bought the iPhone 4 two days before Apple bought and killed the great app Shapewriter. I enjoyed Siri for free on the 4 for a few months until Apple bought out Siri and then for no reason except greed killed Siri for those of us using the 4. Whatever happy thoughts Apple would have us have about them being “special” as a corporation is baloney.