BF3 double XP weekend enhances quest for level 100 colonel

Attention all Battlefield 3 owners now, as DICE are preparing to go live with another double XP weekend. PS3 premium players have already had access to Close Quarters for a week now, but DICE will be activating double XP in celebration of Xbox 360 and PC players gaining access to premium as well.

We had become used to seeing double XP weekends as standard on Call of Duty, but now it looks like EA is making this a regular thing as well on Battlefield. Double XP will start this Saturday on June 16 and will run until Sunday June 17. The bonus XP will be effective on all playlists, as long as you are playing on a ranked server.

It means that you can still get double XP on the four Close Quarter maps – Ziba Tower, Donya Fortress, ScrapMetal and Operation 925. We’re guessing that you can even score double points on the new Gun Master game mode, along with the fast-paced conquest domination mode.

If you don’t have Battlefield Premium yet, you can still enjoy double XP – but you won’t be able to enjoy it on Close Quarters as it isn’t out yet, you’ll have to wait another week until you can get your hands on it. If you haven’t become too stressed about the C4 ‘spammers’ on Close Quarters, this weekend would be a good time to go back into that mode and continue with your quest to get to level 100 Colonel.

If you want a little tip from us though, you should be trying to level up the SCAR-L as soon as possible, as it’s easily the best new weapon out of the 10 in our opinion. Let us know how you are getting on with Close Quarters so far, do you like the new maps or not?

How close are you to reaching level 100?



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