A new PS3 Slim would require PS4 backwards compatibility

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2012

All eyes are on Sony with regards to when they are going to unleash their next-generation PlayStation 4, but imagine the scenario where Sony actually decides to release a new and improved PS3 slim before the next console.

The thought of this actually happening would be slim to none you would have said, but one of Sony’s big guns has been quoted recently as saying ‘never say never’ in reference to another PS3 model releasing.

The current slim line PS3 model was released back in 2009, so actually it may not be a surprise if four years later Sony decides that they can squeeze out one more PS3 SKU before the next-gen model lands. What would they call it though, the Sony ‘super’ Slim PS3?

When talking to Eurogamer on the subject, Shuhei Yoshida had this to say: “We haven’t announced anything new on PS3 in terms of hardware revisions. We should never say never – hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller.”

If Sony are looking to attract those ‘late’ newcomers to the console game, then you have to say that an even smaller, lighter and cheaper PS3 would be a very attractive proposition – especially when you think that great exclusives such as The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are on the way next year.

If the company are planning to release one more PS3 model, then you would also like to presume that the next-generation console will be backwards compatible, otherwise they will face a serious consumer backlash if gamers buy into this new PS3, but find out that the games are not playable on the new console.

What is your reaction to rumors of a new PS3 slim line before the PS4? Would this be a logical thing for Sony to do, or would you just like the PS4 to come out as soon as possible?

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  • Dodgebizkit

    If they buy this they wouldn’t then go buy the new console…

    But whatever happens it should be bw-comp because of the huge catalogues of expensive Hanes purchased + it should play all the games paid for + DLed from the store

  • johnnewhouse

    The thought of this actually happening would be slim to none you would have said”

    why would you think this, Sony has had hardware revisions for their 2 previous consoles in multiple stages all the way to the end of their cycle, why are you assuming that they will not continue this trend?
    There has been at least 6 different PS3 configurations (ignoring hard drive sizes as that does not count), I see absolutely no reason why that would stop now. the ps2 ended up tiny, and if they could produce a PS3 thats just a bit bigger than the last ps2 (to account for the hard drive) then I would probably get one as a second machine.

    I also couldn’t care less about backwards compatibility going from the ps1->ps2->ps3, and I have no intention on starting now.