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Samsung Galaxy S3 release info for AT&T buyers

Despite being available in Europe for a good while now, many US consumers are still sweating over the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in their area. AT&T has confirmed that they will be selling the device alongside Sprint and T-Mobile, but unfortunately the carrier has yet to commit to a solid launch date.

Carriers and smartphone launch dates are two things that never seem to combine well together and it is again the case with regards to Samsung’s latest flagship. The latest whispers had put the Galaxy S3 down for a release on June 18, but now we’re hearing that AT&T may be shipping the device a few days later.

Information acquired at Droid Matters has revealed that AT&T premier customers who pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S3 online are now seeing a shipping date of no later than June 21st. The website actually states ‘arrives on or just before’, so we could still see the device land on the 18th to fall in line with previous speculation.

The pleasing aspect here is that AT&T are now willing to give some specific dates for the in-demand device, while other carriers are still failing to do this. Sprint has also committed to a shipping date of June 21st, but we’re yet to see the same information from Verizon and T-Mobile.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 on your radar? If this is definitely your next smartphone, let us know what carrier you are going for and if you have had any hints from customer service or retail staff on when the device will be available.



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