PS Vita firmware update 1.69 disappoints again

By Alan Ng - Jun 12, 2012

It is fair to say that it hasn’t really been a good week for PS Vita owners. Yes, the announcements for Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale were great, but the blatent Vita ‘no show’ at E3 is unforgiving for some PS Vita owners and their mood is unlikely to change once they find out that Sony is prepping another worthless firmware update.

We don’t want to sound too harsh since we love our Vita, but there comes a time when Sony needs to provide a little more clarity on these frequent security and stability software updates that they keep bringing out on PS3 and Vita, at the expense of new functionality, simple functionality improvements that owners are begging Sony to implement.

PS Vita firmware update 1.69 is coming very soon Sony has just said, but the bad news is that it won’t add any new features to the Vita, other than improve software stability – a favorite terminology that Sony has enjoyed using numerous times. It would be better if they at least referenced which software they are improving to add to these stability fixes, but staying silent and dishing out these one sentence patch updates is surely a recipe for disaster if they keep going this way.

A few of the comments we’ve read over at the PS Blog sum up the problem perfectly. Users are crying out for a decent web browser on the PS Vita, one which has the ability to play flash videos from YouTube direct from the browser. The very basic smartphone can do this with ease, so to think that the ‘state of the art Vita’ cannot even do this – should we ask ourselves, is this really good enough from Sony?

The remote play situation is a shambles at the moment as well. After showing off Killzone 3 at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show, basically as a ploy for consumers to buy the system at launch in Japan, the feature is still nowhere to be seen – 10 months later. There’s no hiding away from this either – Sony should have really at the very least shown off some more remote play support for titles and given consumers evidence that they are still working hard in this area.

It’s a shame to be talking so much about the negatives, as it’s clear that the system has heaps of potential. Jack Tretton has said that the PS3 is ‘just hitting its stride’, but is the Vita in danger of its stride becoming completely irrelevant with a lack of support?

We thought basic YouTube support would have been there from day one but it hasn’t happened. A lack of Flash support can perhaps be forgiven, given the current stance from Adobe with regards to their mobile Flash player. As we install this latest 1.69 firmware update though – it’s clear that Sony still has a lot to do if they are to win over fans. We’ve seen a lot of promises, but a real lack of action at the moment.

Are you a Vita owner? If so, let us know if you think we’re being harsh towards the system, or if you are thinking along the same lines. Expect a notification for firmware 1.69 soon, the update is an optional one.

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  • tim

    i dont think it was to harsh persay cause it does have some down falls like not being able to play flash games on fb or videos but yous couldve really said more to all the good it has like a front and back camera, or the fact its 3g and dont forget the front and back touchscreen. in my opinion its the best handheld game system/(computer, minus the flash player lol). So my hats off to sony lets just hope they get everything worked out with the flash player.

  • Gamer4life

    I bought the vita about a month after uk release and in all honesty the selling point for me was remote play on ps3 titles. Right now I have not invested a single penny in Sony ps vita or ps3 games just simply out of protest that the vita is a long way from the previews at E3 2011 and that fans a screaming out for stuff that simply is not being delivered. I think Sony vita owners in general feel any real connection to the Sony brand and it’s product and this may show in their next Financial Report. If they want to make money they need to start delivering on their audiences expectations. Very disappointed – any body want to buy a hardly used vita?

  • Noone

    I bought a Vita on release day specifically for remote play. When I found out it wasn’t available, I returned it. If and when they make remote play available, I will buy it again.

  • Badash187

    I like the Vita especially for uncharted but theres just a few things that bug me about it, firstly sometimes i just wish i could use the dpad and buttons to navigate and scroll through the screens rather than always use touch, remote play is another big feature that needs work on, the vita should be able to access media servers in the same way as the PS3 does, the fact that not all my psp games work on it and even worse psone games dont work on it either. In some ways i actually wish i still kept my psp go as it had 32gb of memory and was full of games whereas vita requires expensive memory cards. Most of these things are easily fixable with a firmware update however.


    I just bought a vita over 3 weeks ago and i am very happy with my purchase. There are plenty of games on the PS Store to download and play. I would be happy though if i could use my vita as an interactive remote with the PS3 such as for typing when using the internet, sending messages etc. Also having PS HOME would be a big bonus! I am sure sony could give us that much! but yes I do agree that i also want more FPS games to keep me going later on. 

  • krill123

    I bought it solely for vita’s remote play feature and boy was I ticked when I found out nothing works for it. Disapointed that Sony lied to me. I am keeping hope that they will keep promise and deliver in future  updates. 

  • me

    i seriously dont see a problem. it’s an update get over it

  • VitaUser

    ps.. when people say theres no good games on vita have you played resistance burning skies, ninja gaiden sigma plus, Mortal Kombat, uncharted golden abyss, metal gear solid hd collection, gravity rush….
    and when people say there nothing good coming out theres Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, LittleBigPlanet , Soul Sacrifice, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Warrior’s Lair and many more.
    To say it has nothing good or nothing good coming is down right stupid.

  • VitaUser

    I really hate how people are bitching about the vita updates and flash support, WHO THE HELL CARES. 
    Did you buy the vita just for flash? Or to play some badass games down the road?
    and is the frequent updates really a inconvenience to you? Would you rather they hardly update it?
    Honestly after owning a ps3 long before the PSvita i have learned that patience is a virtue. Just like ps1,2,3 they all take time to reach there true potential. If your so angry about flash maybe blame adobe more? they are the ones not supporting us not sony… Also vs smarphones the psvita development suite will soon have plenty of useless apps for us to buy just like your smartphones

  • Redhulkhates

    VITA owner here, and what can be said really that hasn’t. i got this expecting new level of handheld play
    what I got was a system with no games and very few upcoming titles, 3ds has a miniport of all console titles that are not exculsives,even a shrunk down version of ps3 games are exciting if it were true. give me dark siders 2, twisted metal, dc online skyrim prototype ect and if they are porting over titles to vita hows bout the same day as the console release complete editions doesnt mean anything but i have a chance to get tired of a game before i choose to buy it a second time,flash player is coming ok games are coming fine but 3ds has multiple releases-and thier selling. i love my PSvita just wish SONY would give us what they already have.

    • Dapoayeni

      Remeber man when the 3ds originally  was released it had a very weak launch line up too. all the good gamesfor 3ds just came out in he last 6 months. Source i have a 3ds

  • Guest

    It’s Sony, what did you expect? They did the same sh*t with the PS3! Overhype and underdeliver all the way! It’s no wonder they are going straight into bankruptcy!

    • Mike

      A typical 360 fanboy !!!

    • Bethebest2008

      at least sony didnt build a machine that breaks every half an hour, and a busines model that sees there customers pay double for there console because of xbox live costs.

    • Christian

      Yeah Sony is VERY slow in delivering updates and upgrades! BUT I’m pretty much sure when they do, it is of best quality. I have both Vita and 3DS and I say, I am more satisfied with my Vita. I had an Xperia Neo smartphone, and it took Sony a long time to have an update for ICS, but by the time I got it, my phone is better than before.

  • Batcomputer900

    I believe the is all good. The ps vita it a great potential but they don’t keep the promise Sony is losing the battle and im so mad becouze I just go the ps vita about a month ago I love it but it be much better.

  • Pinkfloyd_9

    I agree with the report, I’m annoyed at Sony for the fact that before launch they promised so much stuff, we saw ps3 games being played on the vita but we can’t play any, well, maybe Lair, but who plays that now?
    They announced ps1 classics coming to vita like it was a big thing?? Even the psp could do that, this should have been available since day 1
    If they wanted something big to announce then have PS2 classics available for vita

    They need much more games, to be honest, not fussed about YouTube app, I can do that on my iPhone. Playstation Mobile would be good for the vita. More interactivity.
    I love my Vita but I’m not actually using it much because there isn’t really much to do yet, and 4 month down the line, I’m beginning to think I wasted £280

  • you guys are not being harsh, just stupid. It’s not even mandatory.

    • guest

      Really but really. Their are tablet that offer more.

      • Christian

        uh…. Get a tablet then instead of Vita!

    • Kim Passey

      yes it was supposed to blow away your average mobile phone!!! but doesnt even compare to my old htc incredible.WOW!  like said…4 months and im starting to think i waisted 300 bux.

  • J4ygu

    I totally agree, The unit has great potential but not being fulfilled.
    I think at the moment with the price of the unit as is and extras you have to buy .
    It would make better sense to buy an iPad and get free games.easy web browsing better operating system and better functionality.
    I say this unbiased as I own both .
    I hope it does succeed but I will give it a few more months and possibly get rid if Sony don’t pull there finger out !!

  • Sony

    Vita much like the iPad doe not have flash. But it is untrue that it can’t play videos online. In late June this year Vita will be getting a YouTube app.

    • Kim Passey

      are we really talking about flash player here? when i pick up a device to use, i dont want to constantly swap devices just to complete my mood, i want to pick up one device and use it will all modern features of today, not pick up mt phone to complete my tasks, sony needs to get a clue because in todays competitive world, its decisions like this that are making them become peoples 3rd and 4th choice. like me.

  • Mikeslink420

    I’m shocked there were almost NO vita games announced at e3. I want my remote play, heck playstation home on vita would sell millions more systems I think. I platinumed burning skies in about 8 hours wth is that? I would like to see more gameloft games ported from ios. How long could that take really? Come on Sony! I love my vita, but I need more games!

  • Christopher Chalek

    Still no remote play…heartbreaking. This would offset the lack of major titles overnight. Sure I don’t have a Vita specific Killzone, but at least I could be running my PS3 version through my Vita. Cmon Sony it’s time to come to Vita’s rescue.

  • Zul_zero09

    need patient on this year…. 😀

  • Neil_jr

    Remote play NOW people with homebrew firmware are doing it why can’t Sony?

  • Sushil

    This is absoulutely ridicilous from sony. I was expecting that on the next update they would add flash but no, they havent and now I am thinking why have I bought this vita. I bought this vita  so that I could watch videos when I am going elsewhere but again I have to say SONY has made this absolutely dissapointing. So I hope in the next update they do put flash and also include other new features such as being able to use the web while playing the game as well.

    • Dylan

      Im sorry to say this but…it is very unlikely that Sony will adopt flash for the Vita. The problem I heard  is that Adobe doesn’t really wan’t to work with Sony at the moment on a portable device. But Sony has been doing something. In June they will make a YouTube app for the Vita. It is also rumored  that Crakle, Hulu, and more are coming. The Vita already has Sype and Netflix. Furthermore, if you have a large memory card then you cans easily put many videos onto the Vita such as TV shows and movies. I have done it, but I have ran out of room on my 4GB card. A 32GB would be good for videos on the go. For instance I will be going on a 2-3 trip and a Vita with games and videos is going to make my day. 🙂

  • I really like my Vita. It’s got a BEAUTIFUL screen and am having fun with some PSP games I never got around to as well as the Vita Uncharted and Vita Disgaea. I agree, if you are going to WOW then you have to have equal ability as today’s smartphone.

  • Qdmartin

    well sony could be very busy at the moment, they have other stuff than just games to work on.  But I’m sure if we be patient, better things will come to the vita