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Wii U specs infographic adds to AMD Radeon graphics mystery

If you missed Nintendo’s E3 keynote and were looking to take a another glance at the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console, you’ll be pleased to see this little gem. Nintendo has released a lovely infographic which displays official specs for both the Wii U console and its touchscreen controller – in visible format.

We still don’t know when Nintendo are going to release this exactly, as the company chose not to give out a release date at the event. Instead they focused on showing off more upcoming games for the system, as well as unveiling a secondary Wii U Pro Controller which will make it easier to play fighting games on the system as opposed to the touchscreen controller which is obviously more difficult.

An upgraded official spec sheet is now available to view though courtesy of Nintendo, who have posted it on the Nintendo Europe Twitter page. We see spec breakdowns for the console and Touch controller and it reveals that the console will be compatible with the list of existing Wii U accessories, while also carrying support for up to four of the new Pro controllers.

Nintendo are now not so secretive in unveiling that the system will be powered by an IBM multicore processor and an AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU. Prior to E3 we saw leaked pictures of the new-look touch pad and we can now see that the button located between the battery light and power buttons has now been revealed as a button for ‘TV control’.

Another area which was up for debate was directly below the D-pad. This button has now been detailed as the location for the NFC chip, which will allow you to use your touchpad for Near Touch Communication features, which we’re guessing Nintendo will unveil at a later date.

What we didn’t see at the event though and what we’re most looking forward to is that Wii U Zelda game. We saw a tech demo last year which promised big things, but unfortunately the game wasn’t deemed fit for a second appearance this year, so hopefully Nintendo will give us an update on that soon.

Going back to this infographic though, what are your thoughts on the capabilities of the Nintendo Wii U? Are you surprised that Nintendo isn’t revealing exactly what IBM processor and what AMD graphics is being used?



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