Wii U specs infographic adds to AMD Radeon graphics mystery

By Alan Ng - Jun 11, 2012

If you missed Nintendo’s E3 keynote and were looking to take a another glance at the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console, you’ll be pleased to see this little gem. Nintendo has released a lovely infographic which displays official specs for both the Wii U console and its touchscreen controller – in visible format.

We still don’t know when Nintendo are going to release this exactly, as the company chose not to give out a release date at the event. Instead they focused on showing off more upcoming games for the system, as well as unveiling a secondary Wii U Pro Controller which will make it easier to play fighting games on the system as opposed to the touchscreen controller which is obviously more difficult.

An upgraded official spec sheet is now available to view though courtesy of Nintendo, who have posted it on the Nintendo Europe Twitter page. We see spec breakdowns for the console and Touch controller and it reveals that the console will be compatible with the list of existing Wii U accessories, while also carrying support for up to four of the new Pro controllers.

Nintendo are now not so secretive in unveiling that the system will be powered by an IBM multicore processor and an AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU. Prior to E3 we saw leaked pictures of the new-look touch pad and we can now see that the button located between the battery light and power buttons has now been revealed as a button for ‘TV control’.

Another area which was up for debate was directly below the D-pad. This button has now been detailed as the location for the NFC chip, which will allow you to use your touchpad for Near Touch Communication features, which we’re guessing Nintendo will unveil at a later date.

What we didn’t see at the event though and what we’re most looking forward to is that Wii U Zelda game. We saw a tech demo last year which promised big things, but unfortunately the game wasn’t deemed fit for a second appearance this year, so hopefully Nintendo will give us an update on that soon.

Going back to this infographic though, what are your thoughts on the capabilities of the Nintendo Wii U? Are you surprised that Nintendo isn’t revealing exactly what IBM processor and what AMD graphics is being used?

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  • martine

    I’m a fan of xbox 360 but be realistic wiiu Nintendo is a good xbox and playstation console and copied him in the future as playstation 3 and xbox 360 with the kinect and move that is very similar to Wii

  • Guest

    People should really worry about the Vita. It’s sold what? 1.8M consoles? That’s it? Sony says they want to sell 10M consoles by the end of the year. So what do they do? They show 2 games at E3! That’s right! 2 games!!! If that doesn’t tell you that Sony has already given up on the Vita than I don’t know what else to say.

    As for the Wii U being this gen hardware, how do we know that? Nintendo didn’t even reveal all the specs of the console. What will Sony and MS do for their next gen hardware? Will it be soooo advanced? I doubt it. Both those consoles (especially the PS3) sold like crap in their first few years because of their price tags. The PS3 didn’t start to sell well until it got a price cut to $299.99! And look what they did! No more PS2 backwards compatibility. No more card slots. 2 USB ports instead of 4. Man. Really Sony? And now look at the Vita. I think it’s worth the 249 and 299 price tags but all I hear are people complaining already that Sony needs to cut the price. It seems that the majority of gamers don’t wanna pay a high price for a gaming console. The 360 beat out the PS3 because thanks to not having Blu Ray it was cheaper and therefor did better.

    All you’re gonna see with the next PS and MS consoles are another 1080p HD capable console. Sure the specs will be better but aside from “tech geeks” most people don’t know what those specs mean. At the end of the day whatever Sony and MS do they will still be behind what the PC’s are doing and so according to some people’s logic they won’t be next gen. Whatever next gen is.

  • Lennyharris8

    why buy a Wii U? Because it a GREAT system thats why! ps360 fanboys are always bashing on Nintendo fans, and now I see them fighting back, I say good! I think the system will do fine. Just looking at demos, and screenshots of the games makes me ecited, not to mention the Wii U will have many functions and features you cant find on any other console. They want to keep certain specs secret and let people asume what they want, but see for themselves. “If you don’t know about Wii U… U Will!”

    • NgTurbo

      Real smooth Lenny.. that last part. 🙂

  • Adenicio

    lol they call this new?please ps3 and psp was doing that since years.and why buy the wii u when the new vita and ps3 does it better and got a hold more fonctionality.i bought the wii i sold it after 2 months.wii u is no difference just with a new controler that you cant leave your house with?loke at ps vita ps3 and the game playstation all star battle royal,i’ll let it speak for it self

    • Serious?

       Annnnd… you’re an idiot.

  • Garyckewaert

    I will buy the Wii U because I think it has great potential. I said that about the Wii as well and have been disappointed by the lack of FPS’ and mature games. I am also sick of Nintendo recycling so many Mario, Pokemon, Kirby and other Nintendo ip’s…and who keeps buying them? Nintendo needs to focus on new IP’s or their customers will stop coming back. If the Wii U does not pan out it will be the last Nintendo console I buy.

    • Dharryfraga

      as is not all FPS are recycled….. sony fanboys really loves eating their own shit!hahahah

      • Skywardandy

        =S Why are you calling him a sony fanboy, no ofense but you aren’t giving any reason to your argument. I also like nintendo, a lot but I partially agree with Gary, with recycling some ip’s such as Mario and Pokemon (in the case of the others I disagree, games like kirby and zelda get better as time passes). I mean Mario is awesome and in fact mario galaxy was an innovation but when it comes to mario games in 2d perspective, they are kind of recycling them. New super mario bros U it just seems like new super mario bros wii, which is quite similar to new super mario bros for the ds. And Pokemon oh that’s the perfect example of recycling games. I think nintendo needs new IP’S, but what they need more is to revive the ones they already have like f-zero, mother, fox, among others (believe me there are a lot just check the trophies you get in brawl and you’ll see). Also I know they have revived some like Kid Icarus but I think they should have released the game in a home console in fact it should have been a game release with the Wii U. Nintendo has many franchises that are dead and the ones they have need more attention, an example metroid, a franchise with great games also had its 25 year anniversary last year and nintendo didnt even care. However, I’m not going to deny that Sony has this problem too, that is why I wish nintendo changes these little things so they can have the success they had once again.