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Skyrim 1.6 update enhanced with crossbow mounted combat

As Skyrim owners on Xbox 360 patiently wait for the Dawnguard DLC expansion to arrive, the second best prize is now available in the form of a brand new update which happened over the weekend. An update to Skyrim version 1.6 is now available to download and it brings one major feature that was previously discussed – mounted combat.

After Bethesda generously added Kinect support for the game at no extra cost, Xbox 360 users will now have another reason to smile since mounted combat may significantly change the way you play the game from now on and you won’t have to pay a penny for this either.

Mounted combat, as the name suggests, will now allow you to take on Skyrim’s worst enemies from the comfort of your own horse, even allowing you to shoot arrows on the move as well. The addition of mounted combat is going to get even more exciting once Dawnguard arrives, since you should be able to launch crossbows from horses as well.

Just so you’re aware, this 1.6 update is the same update that arrived on PC in beta format recently. There’s still no sign of it landing on PS3, but Bethesda has promised that mounted combat will be available on PS3 as well in the future. Aside from the mounted combat features, this new update will also bring a vast amount of bug fixes, which may or may not improve on specific broken quest problems that you’ve been experiencing.

Bethesda’s patch notes mention that the mission titled ‘The Break of Dawn’ has been fixed to the extent where Meridia’s Beacon will no longer disappear from the player’s inventory. There’s also three main fixes detailed for players trying out Skyrim with Kinect enabled – one of which will fix Kinect shouts for moments when it stops working during various button inputs.

You can read through the new 1.6 patch notes here. What are your initial impressions of mounted combat – do you prefer fighting on a horse now or not? We can’t wait to see mounted combat in action with the crossbows.



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