Reasons why leaked WWE 13 roster could be real

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2012

If you are looking forward to the release of WWE 13, there’s a good chance that you have already seen the supposed leaked roster that was revealed for the game in full recently. We didn’t report about it when it first surfaced, but now after some additional details have emerged – we have a feeling that it may be real.

We saw many of your reactions too, on how the list could’t be real since a lot of wrestlers who you thought should be in the Attitude Era category were not included. The list, if you need reminding can be seen below courtesy of The Wrestling Observer and almost all of the familiar faces that you see on WWE TV today are included.

It is the Attitude Era names that will be of most interest though, and you’ll see that some wrestlers like HHH, Mark Henry, The Rock and Undertaker have even been named twice as both an Attitude Era wrestler and a current superstar. We’re guessing that means that they take up two slots in both categories on THQ’s website then?

While some of you may be thinking that the list isn’t real, we have a feeling that it might be. We’ve noticed that Billy Gunn and X-Pac have recently confirmed on Twitter that they are going to be in the game. Billy Gunn confirmed it when answering a fan question, while X-Pac made a separate status on his page confirming it as ‘breaking news’.

Don’t forget that this comes after Road Dogg confirmed weeks ago that he had already done voice-overs for the game, so it really does look like DX will be making a return in this game after all. It may also be worth pointing out that there are major whispers that DX will be reuniting for real on the upcoming 1000th episode on RAW. Could their appearance on TV be linked to their appearance in WWE 13?

Hopefully WWE and THQ will announce the full roster around the time when Summerslam begins. Take a look at the roster again and let us know if you are starting to believe it is real as well.

Leaked WWE 13 roster, as noted by Wrestlezone:

Modern Era Stars: Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Brodus Clay, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Epico, Heath Slater, Hunico, Jack Swagger, Jinder Mahal, John Cena, Justin Gabriel, Kane, Kevin Nash, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Primo, R-Truth, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Santino Marella, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Ted DiBiase, The Great Khali, The Miz, The Rock, HHH, Undertaker, Wade Barrett, Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, The Bella Twins, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly and Kharma.

Attitude Era Stars: Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Edge & Christian, New Age Outlaws, Road Warriors, X-Pac, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, Trish Stratus, Lita, Big Show, Kane, Davey Boy Smith, Vader, Mark Henry, Ken Shamrock, Godfather and Big Bossman.

UPDATE: Vader returned to Monday Night Raw this past week – is that yet more evidence that this roster is real?

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  • wwe102

    we need aj lee and jeff and matt and hogan and even goldberg

  • I don’t think this is the real roster, Or at least it isn’t the final roster…Maybe an early imagining or just something THQ released on purpose to generate more news about the game

  • i forgot where i heard that DDP was in the game, and if the story mode is “the monday night wars” ,theres probably some more wcw guys in it….ill miss demolition, i been waiting since wrestlefest to have them in a game and i also hope the 7 doubles (excluding foley) are alts. i’d probably never use them OR thq wouldnt let us use them in universe mode just like this year.

  • Anthony

    I miss the attitude era. I wish it would come back somehow one day because it was at the WWE’s prime time and it was at it’s most extreme and screw this PG crap

  • Anthony

    I miss the attitude era would come back one day because it was at the WWE’s prime time and it was at it’s most extreme and screw this PG crap.


    they should just take the roster from WWF Attitude for the ps1 and put those wreslters in WWE 13′

  • Bedl477488

    i stopped playing wwe games quite some time ago and stopped watching wrestling way more time ago, but this interest me very much. It mostly nostalgia but it feels good.

  • Layla7416

    Yes the great khali is in the game

  • The ones that they picked dont make the game feel very “attitude era”.
    Few annoying things here: 1) mick foley counts as 3 differnt characters 2) the mcmahon family takes up 3 more 3) the undertaker/hhh/rock take up another 6-8 spots 4) vader, the road warriors and bret hart were NOT part of attitude.. they were WWF new generation ..
    What they should do:
    1) They need to attire undertaker/hhh/rock but have them on the main roster as they are still under contract.
    2) Add Gangrel, Val Venis, Steve Blackman, Al Snow, Viscera, Bradshaw, Farooq, Test, Too Cool and Dlo Brown to the Attitude roster.

    • Masterdisaster60

      Finaly someone knows who too cool is. Too Cool, the Hardy Boyz and Rob Van Dam need to be in the game

  • Y2j


  • Bob

    DDP will be a downloadable.

  • Bob

    Chyna needs to be in the game, and they need to make her be able to face both men and woman. Who doesn’t want to beat up The Miz with Chyna?

    • Benjie

       i want chyna in the game aswell would be awesome, i would play the game everyday though if they put in chris jericho with long hair 😀

      • D-berbia

        I totes agree, i think it’s a major slap in the face and totally uncalled for to not have chyna in the game cause she does porn, when xpac is going to be in the game and he did the exact same porn, is wwe saying its ok for men to do porn but when a woman does who has had more achievements than xpac and most of the guys in the game, it’s not ok cause wwe is pg, whatever bring her back let her compete with men and let her in the royal rumble and kotr and let’s wrestle!! If chyna doesn’t return in this game I will not purchase it

  • Weedmean720

    these comments are stupid half the people on these we want lists either work for TNA and so therefore would nevere appear. the otheres are either porn stars or left the company on bad terms or are not even aa era wrestlers

  • TheGuyinTheBush

    I know that Hogan and Flair weren’t part of the attitude era but I would still like to see them in the game more than like 90 types of taker/hhh/rock and foley. I wish they made the unlockables like 07 when you had attitude and the wcw superstyars. E.G. You had Hogan and Bret and you also had stone cold and the rock.

  • NgTurbo

    Vader returned to RAW… coincidence guys???

  • Giannilandaverde

    Where is chris jericho (attitude era)

  • Giannilandaverde

    where is chris jericho (attitude era)

  • wwe13 will suck

    i will be dissapointed if this is the real roster…….nothing really changed in the modern era, and the attitude era doesnt have alot of people i want like, kurt angle, bobby lashley, jeff hardy, and chris benoit………..

    •  Chris Benoit will never be in a wwe video game after he killed his family.Kurt Angle is in tna so wont be in the game…same goes for Jeff Hardy and Lashely wasn’t part of the attitude era lol

      • cant say that people wont be in the game because there in tna because look @ rvd in2011

        •  That’s because he wasn’t on the tna roster before he was confirmed in the game chief

    • TheATreborn

      Bobby Lashly Wasn’t  even in the attitude era 

  • Amiel11

    Hopefully that dosen’t happen.

  • Amiel11

    This could be true. But I heard THQ got mad about the leaked roster and they said they might be switching DLC characters with the real roster.

  • luke91997

    Screw the Attitude Era, i want Finlay!!!

  • Alsolostinspace2

    what about brian pillman?

  • Billy Laing

    No Mason Ryan?????????????

    • TheGuyinTheBush

      he was short lived

  • Runningwild73

    I agree with the above comments on the attitude era wrestlers absent from the game..

    The ones that they picked dont make the game feel very “attitude era”.

    Few annoying things here:
    1) mick foley counts as 3 differnt characters
    2) the mcman family takes up 3 more
    3) the undertaker/hhh/rock take up another 6-8 spots
    4) vader, the road warriors and bret hart were NOT part of attitude.. maybe right before ..

    after all is said and done.. they REALLY messed up if this is the final roster.. yea dx is great.. lita and trish are great but besides that the only other good additions are bossman , ken shamrock and godfather..

    If i was to pick 10 wrestlers who should be in this game that DEFINE THE ATTITUDE ERA IT WOULD BE (IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE)

    2) Chyna: an attitude game without chyna would be horrible and would also not be a complete DX
    3) Hardy Boys: FAVE TAG TEAM
    5) Viscera
    6) Test and Albert
    7) Farooq and Bradshaw
    8) Gangrel
    9) Dlo Brown
    10: Divas : Debra, Sable, Ivory , Jaqueline

    even if they included just these above characters it would BEEEE an attitude game.. honestly i’ve been waiting for this game for 10 years and if they mess this up and don’t include the above characters then I’ll be once pissed fan.. THQ can really do well with this game but getting DX just isn’t enough .. seems like its just a marketing thing for their return to raw.


    • Bigevilworldwide

       Ummm triple H and Bret hart and the LOD were part of the attitude era the attitude era started in like late 96. All 3 were there. There is no question Bret was since he was the one that spent so much time feuding with Stone cold 

    • Bigevilworldwide

       Val Venus left on bad terms
      Chyna is doing porn so there is another not happening
      Fat and meth hardy aren’t well liked by WWE, Jeff works for TNA also
      Dudleys also Wrestle for TNA
      D’lo works for TNA
      Jacqueline works for TNA
      Same applies to Kurt Angle and works for TNA, Same with Jeff Jarrett part owner of TNA

      It seems to be hard for some people to understand that if they shoot porno, work for TNA or burnt their bridges when they were released they WILL NOT appear in a WWE game.

      • ykewea

         also gangrel has his name trademarked by another company so he cant be in the game as gangrel

  • Juwann

    one version of a leaked roster had chyna, lita and tori in it.

  • Amberbaddillo


    • TheGuyinTheBush

      Seeing that he’s on drugs he’ll probably won’t make it

    • Y2j

      we do

  • Adamhiscock20

    wheres the usos

  • Ziegler Coty

    No Evan  Bourne???????

  • NgTurbo

    APA definitely needs to be in there.. I agree with that list.

  • wyatt88

    attitude era with no hardys, dudleys, bradshaw, farooq, test, albert, al snow, d’lo brown. val venus, ivory, sable, chyna, kat, terri, debra, owen hart, dean malenko, perry saturn, kurt angle, ric flair, goldust, steve blackman, hulj hogan, gangrel, rikishi, viscera, scotty 2 hotty, grandmaster sexay, molly holly, hurricane, maven, taz, mideon, headbangers, ddp, and many others

    • RL-Double-E

      Hardys – Jeff wrestles for TNA & so has no chance of been in the game, Matt left on bad terms with the WWE. Dudleys – TNA, Bradshaw & Farooq should be included, Albert will be in as Tensai, Al Snow is an agent for TNA, D’lo Brown works for TNA, Owen Hart won’t be included due to his idiotic widow, Angle wrestles for TNA, Flair was never a part of the attitude era for WWE (He was in WCW, ditto DDP & Hulk “I’m a 103 years old and still hogging the spotlight brother” Hogan) Maven debuted after the attitude era, Taz commentates for TNA. The rest I don’t know why they aren’t in apart from Chyna who has turned to porn as a way to make ends meet… if you’d want to tap that.

    • Bigevilworldwide

      Half the people on your list weren’t attitude era they were ruthless aggression/ Get the F out invasion time frame like Taz, DDP, Maven was waaaaaayyy after and Kurt Angle who works for TNA and wouldn’t be in a WWE game till he retires or comes back to WWE