iPhone 5 desire intensifies

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 10, 2012

The desire for an iPhone 5 has started to intensify now we are within 24 hours of another Apple event, but it looks like a number of fans will be disappointed tomorrow, if they are after a new phone that is. There had been a time when we would look forward to WWDC each year for a new iPhone, although considering the 4S changed the timeframe for a release date it means we never expected to see an iPhone 5 any time soon. This has not stopped a barrage of rumors surrounding the 6th generation Apple phone, which include some solid leaks of what could be.

It was obvious that the focus would be on iOS 6 after the banners started to show outside the building where Apple will make their announcements tomorrow, although it’s also fair to say that Apple would never hang a banner stating “New iPhone”. We have seen little teases before when it comes to some new hardware, but nothing has been shown like this before WWDC 2012.

Are you one of our readers that want the iPhone 5 sooner rather than later, or do you find it interesting how some people really believe it stands a good chance of showing up at WWDC?

Some of the latest iPhone 5 rumors are pretty solid and give us a nice tease of what to expect, which include a new chip that could dramatically improve battery life and Wi-Fi file transfers, although this hasn’t stopped some people wanting a super fast wired data transfer using Thunderbolt technology. We could also see more components for iPhones being made in the United States at some time in the future.

What is top of your list when it comes to iPhone 5 features, and are you still hoping to see a hint at WWDC 2012 for a new iPhone?

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  • I don’t think they’ll be releasing the iphone 5 anytime soon, although I wish they would do it soon enough!

  • Jackie Stait

    Or they might surprise us all and not release the iPhone 5 until 2013, which some reports suggested in the past.  Perhaps they might concentrate on their other products this year, which I doubt this would be the case as I think Apple needs to release the iPhone 5 already as there is a lot of stiff competition out there from the Android Market phones i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3!

  • Jackie Stait

    If rumours are right Steve Jobs was working on the iPhone 5 before he passed away, so in theory the new iPhone should be ready now.  They could announce it tomorrow, but not release it until September if they wanted to.

  •  How far away are we from a release date???…an estimate at least.

    • Simmy D

       If not tomorrow, october or september.

  • Rcbamm

    I cannot wait for the iPhone 5 and along as its not a beta testing phone like the 4 was when it came out, I want one as soon as possible. I just broke my 4 and I am due an upgrade but m waiting for the 5. I can’t wait!