New iPhone 5 chip for iOS 6 and hardware perks

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 9, 2012

When this tech blog started digging through the code dumps for iOS 6 beta, they expected to find some interesting signs for future projects, but it seems there has been more gold inside iOS 6 than some people first thought.

They found references to a new iPhone 5 chip, namely the Broadcom BCM4334, and this change in new iPhone hardware can offer some major perks for battery life, Wi-Fi features, and a lot more. You can read some technical details on the BCM4334 chip in this article, which explains exactly why it’s good for mobile devices.

For us the notable differences when compared to previous chips include a change to a 40nm LP process, from a 65nm, and this will allow for a massive 40-50% reduction in power. This would allow the new iPhone 5 to stay on standby power for a lot longer, and battery life is an improvement many iPhone 4S owners have wanted.

The new chip obviously offers standard features like FM radios, Bluetooth 4.0, but you’ll also get another advantage thanks to support for dual-band Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct. Again Broadcom do a great job of explaining how this will benefit an iPhone 5 user, if Apple do end up including this chip as rumors suggest.

This means we could see iOS 6 receive Mac OS X Lion adhoc file-sharing protocol. This would allow an iPhone 5 to share files much faster and easier with an AirDrop feature for iOS 6.

We’ve also seen an increasing amount of potential iPhone buyers wishing Apple would not be “so secretive“, and if they knew an iPhone 5 release date, or at least month, then it would allow some people to wait for it.

Would you like to see an AirDrop feature backed with this new Broadcom chip inside iPhone 5, which would make file sharing faster and easier?

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  • Jimrous

    I have had every iPhone beside the let down of the 4s and they better come up with something great other wise it’s screw apple hello samsung!

    • Dodgebizkit

      Ironically the jump from 4 to 4s is the bIggest jump between two consecutive iPhones and the 4S is miles ahead of the 4