No rush for Sony PS4 release, best console a priority

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2012

Sony may not have shown their next-generation PS4 console at E3 this year, but we’re finally starting to see the company officially acknowledging the system at last. Both Jack Tretton and Worldwide Studios US boss Scott Rhode have both given reasons why current PS3 owners should be very excited about what is going to happen over the next few years.

With games like The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed III and GTA V on the way, there really is no need to rush the system out as an act of desperation for those who want the new console to land in 2012. We think the majority of PS3 owners have accepted that the PS3 still has a long way left to go until it runs out out of juice and some recent comments from Jack Tretton backs this up.

When talking to GameTrailers recently, Jack Tretton said that their focus is not delivering a console before Microsoft and Nintendo, but taking their time and making sure their console is ‘the best’. He also said that their consoles do not tend to be the cheapest either which is obviously very true, but price won’t be an issue to some gamers if they can produce the best console that ‘wont run out of gas’.

Interesting words for sure there, and you have to say that it is a pretty good strategy if that is what is holding back the PS4. Elsewhere, another Sony exec also found time to specifically acknowledge the PS4, by confirming that next-generation games were already in development. When speaking to GameTrailers in a separate interview, Scott Rhode had this to say:

“We’re not talking about when the machine is coming out, but I think anyone on the planet knows that, of course, games are in development.”

Correct us if we’re wrong on this but is this the first time that a high Sony exec has said in black and white that PS4 games are already in development? Jack Tretton would rather talk about how they are playing the waiting game, but it’s refreshing to see that other execs are now willing to give out some solid information on the next PlayStation at last.

It could also be a big hint that 2013 could be the year when the PS4 arrives, if games are already been developed right now. Let us know your thoughts on the wait for next-gen. Are you happy that Sony are focusing on bringing out the ‘best’ console compared to Microsoft and Nintendo?

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  • Chunkvandamn


  • Maffue69

    cant wait to get a p4 some of the proposed looks for the console make it look sexy as hell im a sony fanatic all the way so enuff said ps4 roll on 2013 🙂

  • Seagulljay

    they dont want to be far away from release when mircosoft release the (720)
    hope they be more competive on the price 
    as far as the ps3 is concerned im still impressed with the games and graphics

  • Kuljit64

    i dont what the ps4 to cum out yet

  • Mike

    Sony did that with the ps3 and 360 was best selling because they released first and they were cheaper. its good that they want the best console, but they might loose the console wars again.

    • Oversig

      Sonys games are not good as Microsofts.
      Even though the PS3 has Blu-Ray only a few games use it with full 1080P.
      Justify the PS3 with games using the full memory of Blu-Ray & I’ll reconsider buying a PS3!!!
      Thats like have a vett & only driving 55 all of the time!!!

      • LOL Sony’s games aren’t as good as Microsofts! Good joke, there! Microsoft have used up their HDVD’s capacity in many, many games but that in no one makes the format better than the bluray; in fact its the opposite, it implies that something is wrong with the format. Thus why we never see HDVD’s instead Bluray is the prominent high-def video format.

      • FlashUK

        I don’t see how this is true. The majority of games are now developed for both formats by developers. Having owned both a PS3 and a 360 I prefer the PS3 however this is more due to the additional features on the box rather than the games. The PS3 is great as a home media device and works well, where as the 360 always felt cheap.

        I hope that Sony improve the controller for the PS4 as i have always prefered the x-box controller, but lets ensure it stays with rechargable usb rather than batteries!

        I’d rather wait for something amazing rather than a PS3.5 or PS3s a la Apple releases. The next gen of consoles should be a major step forward and if thats another year away then so be it. I think more work on the Playstation Network would help with sales.

        As for Nintendo, I’ve not been a fan since the SNES. Being into games the WII never appealed other than drinking with friend. I borrowed a friends but never founf myself wanting to play it unless there was a group of us.