iPhone 5 and continued momentum

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 8, 2012

The momentum for news surrounding an iPhone 5 release date has not slowed down, and this is also paired with the demand seen for both an existing iPhone 4S model and the upcoming 6th generation phone from Apple. The hype increases around this time every year thanks to the World Wide Developer Conference being just 3 days away.

One of the latest rumors has come thanks to a video; you can see it below this article, which shows what seems to be an iPhone 5 backplate or middle section. The video runs for a few minutes and really does look like the real deal, although that wouldn’t be too hard to replicate considering this iPhone part matches all what we have heard about the new iPhone.

Expected popularity for the upcoming iPhone 5 can be seen via a report detailing American iPhone buyers, which came from a survey looking at how many people bought the current 4S model and also switched from other OS and brands. It showed that 38% of new iPhone buyers had jumped ship from BlackBerry or Android, and we’d expect a very small number in comparison moving away from Apple.

While this survey shows the percentages of people moving from other phones, it is lacking in studying the market growth of BlackBerry, Android, and Apple. Although we do love to point out that Android is not one phone, and is made up of many brands and shouldn’t be compared to just the iPhone, but this continues to be the case thanks to the amazing growth of one phone known as the iPhone. It will be very hard for the iPhone to match Android sales in the long run thanks to the reach Android has.

Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 5 this year, or will it depend on the final specs? When do you see this Apple momentum slowing down?

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  • Marc29uk

    I need to replace my 3GS very soon. I will wait untill Monday to see if they announce the date for the iphone5. If they don’t I will be looking for another phone I won’t be getting the 4s as it will be out of date as soon as 5 comes out. I don’t know why they are so secretive if they say when it’s coming out we can wait for it