Did new The Last of Us gameplay win E3 2012?

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2012

Most of you have probably already seen this if you tuned into Sony’s E3 press conference, but for those of you that didn’t – prepare to be blown away. Naughty Dog has given a new 7 minute gameplay demonstration of upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us and it looks rather good.

This new gameplay was saved until the very moment at E3’s keynote and after watching the clip during the event, we can see why. The Last of Us is easily the most anticipated game on the PS3 at the moment, or at least on par with Grand Theft Auto V which was notably absent from the event.

In the new footage, we see plenty of brutal action, plenty of swearing and an ending scene which leaves everyone wanting more. Joel and Ellie are now starting to become a lethal partnership and we even see Ellie hold her own when Joel lands himself in a bit of trouble.

During this year’s E3 we have seen a collection of games which are really going to push the boundaries of what is capable on current gen consoles – some of them may even end up on next-gen consoles. Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs, the new Final Fantasy themed-tech demo all look great, but does The Last of Us top them in your opinion?

Sit back and enjoy this latest gameplay demo from the game. Don’t forget that it was recently confirmed that The Last of Us won’t be out in 2012 so it is going to be some time yet until we see the game hit shops. Aside from the excellent graphics on show here, it also seems to be the compelling storyline that seems to be winning fans over – would you agree with this?

2013 is shaping up to be a really exciting year. Who isn’t going to be buying The Last of Us on PS3?

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  • Dynasty2201

    By far the best demo and gameplay at E3.

    Animations were ridiculously good, but I cant help but feel that the animations will be tampered with and made to look worse.

    I’m also worried that all those moments where Joel was fighting someone hand to hand, that they were scripted and the devs had a planned route to run through the map.

    So, what’s cool at E3, wont actually happen all that much in the game, which whilst it shows off the game to get the hype up, it does nothing but dissappoint.

    Was Ellie throwing the brick scripted perhaps for example?  I hope not.

    I do like the scene where he fires the pistol and gets a dead man’s click, so the guy shouts out ”I know what that sound means!” or whatever.  Brings you into the immersion that much more. 

    Then again, this IS Naughty Dog, and when did they last release a game that didnt deliver.  Uncharted 3 is fantastic.

    Last Of Us looks great so far, just hope it stays this great until next year.

    • sM2o

      I think the game will look just as good when it officially releases. If you’ve played any of the Uncharted games, you would know they play very smoothly.

      Also, there was a demo of the exact same scene behind closed doors at E3, where Joel and Ellie took a different route through the building than the one shown at the Sony press conference. The characters reacted differently and spoke different lines. So hopefully the scripted theory if false. 

      But either way, I think this game will be a very good game. GOY? It’s definitely on top of my want list.