New Resident Evil 6 gameplay at E3 impresses

If you are still hungry for more Resident Evil 6 content after watching Capcom unveil a new gameplay trailer at Microsoft’s E3 keynote, we have some great news for you. Capcom has been showing the game off on the E3 show floor and we now have over 20 minutes of brand new gameplay footage for you to check out.

After the mixed reception for Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, there’s obviously a big weight on Capcom’s shoulders to deliver with Resident Evil 6. From the initial gameplay that Capcom has shown, we’re very impressed with what we have seen so far as Capcom seems to be making an effort to try and bring the series back to its horror roots that gamers grew to love on the PS1.

In the three main gameplay videos that we have to show you, we see Capcom demo footage using Leon Kennedy first, then Chris Redfield and then finally Jake. We have to say that the graphics are looking great and we’re guessing this gameplay has been taken from the first level of the game. It seems to be set in a university campus and naturally all the lights have been shut off, with Leon only having a torchlight to navigate his way around.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be much zombie action in the footage. Perhaps Capcom don’t want to reveal too much too early, as don’t forget the game will not be out until October. It’s good though that Capcom has given us these introductions to Leon, Chris and Jake, so true Resident Evil veterans will probably still appreciate this.

How is the game looking for you at the moment? We’ve seen a lot of criticisms already about the style of gameplay, but we think it looks great – certainly better than RE5 anyway.



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