First Black Ops 2 zombies screenshot, hints on gameplay style

Some new gameplay footage was shown for Black Ops 2 during Microsoft’s E3 keynote, but some of you may have been a little disappointed to see that it was just single player shown, not any multiplayer or zombie gameplay yet.

However, you may not be aware of the fact that Treyarch has actually released a ‘behind the scenes’ video at the making of Black Ops 2 and the video does contain the first glimpses of both multiplayer and zombies. There is not much to go on, but the brief zombie content that they did show is probably worth telling you about for one exciting revelation.

We knew that zombies in Black Ops 2 would feature support for eight players this time around and perhaps the addition of a 4v4 player vs player mode, but now we have learned some additional information regarding the scale of the maps. During this video, we hear Treyarch say that one of the maps featured will be the ‘biggest map ever seen in zombies’. Call of the Dead was a pretty huge zombies map, so it’s very exciting to think that Treyarch will be topping this with the new zombie mode in Black Ops 2.

There are also actual pictures of zombies for the first time in the video as well. At 3.45 we see some zombies in what appears to be a parking lot, while there are also some other images from an more open town map, featuring diner shops and other buildings. ‘Open’ seems to be one of the key areas of focus for Treyarch this time around, as they are looking to give the player a lot more possibilities on where he or she can go and what choices they can make in the context of the map.

It’s not much to go on we agree, but at least it is something. How long will Treyarch make us wait until we see the first zombies trailer? Check out the behind the scenes video for yourself – the gossip on zombies is right at the end. We also get another glimpse of that ‘Left 4 Dead’ style poster featuring the mystery female. Any clues on who she is yet?



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