Jealousy inevitable with Skyrim Dawnguard release date on Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Jun 6, 2012

We have some great news for those of you on Xbox 360 who are patiently waiting for the upcoming DLC content for Skyrim. Bethesda’s Todd Howard has just revealed a solid release date for the Dawnguard expansion, confirming that the two new factions and their quest lines will be available at the end of the month.

It was only just a few days ago that Bethesda unveiled the first proper trailer for Dawnguard, showing off some fantastic gameplay for the first time and a collection of new features that will be available to both factions. When speaking to GameTrailers at E3 this week though, Todd Howard has announced that Dawnguard will be available first on Xbox 360 on June 26.

Just to remind you, Dawnguard is exclusive on Microsoft’s console for 30 days and then will arrive on PS3 and PC platforms afterwards. As we told you earlier this week, those who manage to get into the Dawnguard beta will get a free ticket and won’t have to pay 1600 Microsoft Points like everyone else.

You’ll probably want to know that Dawnguard will add around 10 to 20 hours of new content to the game, while the inclusion of new weapons such as crossbows should keep you busy for a lot longer. With Dawnguard coming to the game soon, it makes you wonder what Bethesda are planning for their next expansion pack. Dawnguard is specifically linked to the new vampire faction, but we would like to see a brand new world for players to explore in the next pack – something on the same scale as the excellent Shivering Isles for Oblivion.

What ever does happen after Dawnguard though, let’s hope that we don’t have to wait another eight months for the next expansion to come out. Watch the excellent trailer again below if you haven’t yet and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming pack. Have you already received an email from Bethesda with your Dawnguard beta code?

On a side note, those of you on PS3 and PC reading this – are you secretly a bit jealous that you have to wait 30 days to play this content?

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  • Justarandomguy

    Actually, Microsoft pays to get most DLC first. Which is why us Xbox users get DLC first, which is warranted, considering we pay for our online accesibility.

  • James Downson

    I have both consoles but I will still buy it on PS3, you will have to do better than that, Microsoft.

  • dwanguest

    A lot of spoilers will come out 1 month earlier for pc and ps3 gamers. Have to avoid youtube, wikia alike to get spoiled.

  • Alexplainl8ter

    Im on the PC, yeah, so we dont get dawnguard for a month after the xbox crowd, but i dont care, i can mod my game to look perfect, sound perfect and all in all be perfect…..then play Dawnguard.

    • Fintanstack

      yeah but thats bein a little gay nerd idiot u need mods people on the xbox dont 😛

  • Smellynad

    30 days? Aren’t there 20?…

    • Sahoward777

      Lol, seriously. Love mods, but I’ve been stuck on XBoxing ES games ever since Morrowind 😛

  • Sam

    Xbox users are just testing it for the rest of us so an update can be applied to iron out any problems. Cheers guys.

    • Ladees

       You’re the only person I have seen who hasn’t said, why the **** are Xbox users getting the Beta and not PS3 or PC. Well done, you are one of the few mature people who are on these forums. 🙂

      • Xx-_-DARKRAI-_-X

        Cheers to that too