Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC appeal on PS3

By Alan Ng - Jun 6, 2012

Assassin’s Creed 3 is easily one of the most anticipated games left to release in 2012 and if you are wondering which version to pick up, Sony has stated their case on why the PS3 version may be the definitive version to pick up.

If you missed Sony’s E3 conference, you would have missed an important announcement regarding Assassin’s Creed 3 on the PS3. Sony and Ubisoft revealed at E3 that buying the PS3 version will get you four exclusive single player missions that won’t be available on any other platform.

The announcement was brief, but in a few months time when the game releases this is surely going to make a massive difference when you come to pick up the game, as four new exclusive missions is quite a helping of bonus content. There’s no specific details on what these missions will entail, but we expect Ubisoft to disclose additional details nearer release.

Aside from these exclusive missions, Sony also announced an Assassin’s Creed 3 console bundle that will be available on the same day as Assassin’s Creed 3 launches – October 30. Unfortunately, the console isn’t any special AC-designed one though, just your bog standard PS3 slim. There are also some reports that the exclusive missions are tied to the bundle only, but we’re pretty sure that it relates to the standalone game on PS3 as well. We’ll try to clear that up if more details arise.

In the world where all Call of Duty and Skyrim DLC land on the Xbox 360 first, is this a fair outcome for PS3 users in your opinion? It’s a shame that all these DLC exclusivity shenanigans exist in our opinion, but it looks like this trend will continue well into the next-generation and beyond.

Will you be picking up the PS3 version now solely for the four extra missions, or will you still pick up the PC or Xbox 360 version in the hope that they’ll come later on for a price?

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  • Poop

    will the missions cost money?

  • Garrett2987

    what skyrim dlc? there hasnt been any yet. 😛 dont put comments in your info that isnt true.

    • Danny1914

      Xbox 360 is getting Skyrim DLC before PS3 and PC does

  • Rhyce Papp

    That’s just completely unfair!!! They had better release the DLC’s on Xbox and PC as well or assassins creed will lose a lot of customers!! Personally I have both the ps3 and Xbox but I’m still getting the game for Xbox even if I don’t get the extra DLC’s because I have all the others on the Xbox in the first place

    • Ps3 finally gets something!

      Trust me there not ps3’s not gonna lose anyone, it’s completely fair because even though ou might have both, somepeople only have ps3 or only Xbox, ou xboxers always get your dlc’s first and you always get the exclusive crap, now that ps3 is finally getting something that borders the fair mark between Xbox and ps3 you Xbox people start bitching? Dude your do biased that it’s ridiculous, you know what’s really unfair? Having to wait an extra month or two to get a DLC while xboxers are already playing for just about every game to date for the past like 10 years, and then when xboxers DON’T get the DLC first they start screaming and yelling that it’s “completely unfair” and that ac3 will lose a lot of customers even though most people around the world have a ps3,

      Personally Im glad that ps3 is finally getting something, and I’m definitely buying ac3 for the ps3 as I was planning even before i read this, go AC3!!

  • Tihedoro

    PS3 finally gets exclusive content from a popular franchise!!!!