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Are Sony holding back Vita remote play streaming on purpose?

If you were specifically hoping to see some remote play action on the PS Vita at Sony’s E3 keynote speech, you are probably feeling a little disappointed. The company announced some new PS1 classics such as Final Fantasy 7, but we didn’t see any indication on when the company plans to have their promised PS3 remote play streaming feature working.

The good news is that the first batch of new PS1 classics will be available for purchase on the PS Vita sometime this month. Two games that have already confirmed to be coming are Final Fantasy 7 and Tomb Raider. At the moment though, there still appears to be a lot of question marks regarding PS1 classics for existing games that Vita owners have purchased and of course when the company will finally roll out their long awaited remote play feature.

At the moment though, Sony didn’t say whether PS1 games that have already been bought on the store will work with the Vita. After teasing Killzone 3 on remote play at the Tokyo Game Show last year, there is still no sign of these features either. It would have been nice to be able to pick up a brand new PS3 game and be able to play it on the Vita via streaming.

We would hate to think that Sony are holding this feature back, purely and simply because they feel that they’ll lose money on Vita software in the long run. For example, if Sony were to provide remote play Vita streaming for Assassin’s Creed 3 on PS3, then who would still be willing to pick up Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation that has just been announced? Although Vita owners expect to see this functionality in the future, perhaps Sony has had a major u-turn and decided that free PS3 streaming isn’t a good business move.

If they do feel this way, then perhaps they should make it a PlayStation Plus feature only, that way they would get more subscribers to balance out potential Vita software losses. Obviously Sony may not be thinking about this idea, but it is worth contemplating this as a reality if you are wondering why Sony didn’t show any notable remote play features at their E3 keynote.

Did they just throw Final Fantasy 7 and Tomb Raider out there to keep Vita users sweet? Everybody wants to know what the score is regarding their remote play features that everyone bought the system for – at the moment, Sony are keeping us waiting. Let us know your thoughts on this one.



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