2012 Macbook Pro is unclear with touch

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 5, 2012

Every year around this time Apple rumors tend to more wild, thanks to WWDC 2012 just a few days away, which makes it harder to pick out what is real from the rumors that are clearly fake. The new MacBook Pro for 2012 has some almost certain specs revealed from leaks, and then we have a few that sound great but are what we like to call “wild“.

What should we expect with a 2012 MacBook Pro? Think SSD to keep the new MacBook Pro in-line with Apple’s movement to solid state storage, although having a normal hard drive as a dual hard drive option is favored but some people that like the traditional setup. The room inside the MacBook Pro might be the problem here; especially considering the 2012 MacBook Pro is expected to be like the MacBook Air in thickness.

The Retina display would be the most important upgrade in our opinion, and this would be the thing you look at the most on your new MacBook Pro, so we hope it becomes a reality. Considering Apple’s push towards this format we expect the new MacBook’s to come with Retina displays, although this feature is not as certain as Ivy Bridge processors that are a natural update.

Features you should consider as wild guessing – there are loads of wild rumors around, but the most interesting one we keep hearing is a touchscreen for a 2012 MacBook Pro. While this idea would be a game changer, at the same time why would Apple want to make the new MacBook Pro or Air a touchscreen? It’s not good crossing over too many features between Apple products, and in our opinion a touchscreen should stay with the iPad for larger screens. If you want a keyboard then just get the mini MacBook Pro accessory for iPad.

Then we have the apps situation and a Mac App store just for the iMac, MacBook’s and other Mac OS X computers. If the new Macs included a touchscreen then these apps would need to change, well some of them, unless they allowed you to run iOS apps on a Mac computer, which would blur the lines between iPad and Mac even more.

What are you expecting for the new MacBook Pro and Air in 2012? We’d also love to hear the wildest rumor you’ve seen, and what features you wouldn’t want to see.

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  • D Fox85

    Wildest idea would be to have the MacBook pro integrate with the new iPad, it already has the retinal display and touch screen, so why not a MacBook Base with all the power, IvyBridge, huge SSD and long battery life running OS And couple it with the ability to attach the new iPad as a 9.7″ screen? Portable and Powerful? I don’t see this happening anytime soon or even in the MacBook range but I think it’s definitely a step towards the future, Apple sell two products instead of one, it can be marketed as Greener alternative to having two devices with two retinal displays of equal or near size and it makes your display upgrade able, which I believe would be a first for any portable computer. With people putting so much emphasis on screen resolution, 3D and Touchscreen I don’t see why not!