Battlefield Premium trailer may have confirmed AC-130

By Alan Ng - Jun 4, 2012

If you were previously unsure as to whether to buy the upcoming Battlefield Premium pack, a leaked trailer that has gone online ahead of EA’s E3 keynote should give you the final push over the edge that you need.

In other words – we have a feeling that everyone is going to be buying this. It may be priced at the same price of a full game and it may already include the Back to Karkand pack that most of you already have, but the incentive of owning this content two weeks early before everyone else is probably too good to miss.

The trailer gives a brief preview of the new DLC packs that will be included in Battlefield Premium, but most importantly – the very first look at some gameplay from Armored Kill which is out in September. DICE has said that 10 new weapons will be coming in this expansion alone and if you study the trailer closely, we may have had the confirmation of the exciting AC-130 spectre gunship.

Most of you will already know about this plane from Call of Duty, but for those who don’t the plane has been given a nickname of ‘Angel of Death’ – due to its devastating capabilities. Despite being an able people carrier, the plane is also equipped with a series of weaponry to take out targets on the ground. At the moment, there’s no guarantee that this is indeed the AC130, as some of you are already saying that it still could be the C130, which is more of a transport-orientated type of plane.

Then again, we already have the scout helicopter and Venom / Kasatka choppers which are primarily used for their transport capabilities, so the AC130 would be a great addition to BF3 and a great alternative to the jets. We’ve included the video trailer below, but don’t be surprised if it gets removed quickly. If it does go down, then simply do a YouTube search and you should find a new upload there.

EA certainly knows how to build up anticipation for upcoming content, and this really is a great preview trailer to showcase Battlefield 3 Premium. Will you be paying $50 for this on June 4th? We certainly will be, for the early access to Armored Kill alone. Let’s hope that we get confirmation of the AC-130 at E3.

On a side note – what other vehicles have you possibly spotted in the trailer?

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  • zouz_nabil

    I don’t think it’s an AC130, it better be a C130 Hercules for troop transport instead, you know, for balancing and stuff. Artillery looks promising though. But really, they should make Armored Kill US Army, not USMC, because I really miss my Bradley and my Apache. I hope the “Largest BF map ever” thing is for real, with flags well apart, and fully destructible buildings. All of them.
    Every real Battlefield player should join the boycott against Close Quarters. It’s basically CoD gameplay with upgraded graphics. Heck a map is called “Scrap Metal”. I think there are at least two or three CoD maps with a very similar name.

  • Dynasty2201

    The merge with CoD is almost complete.

    CoD maps in Close Quarters.

    Weapons from CoD.

    Weapon CAMO!!!

    Now the AC-130…cant think how it will work though.  Doubt it will be like the jets where you simply fly it around, the AC-130 is hardly manouverable.  And the jets would nail it in 2 seconds of it taking off.

    So maybe it will have a pre-determined flight path or something and you control it through a panel or a radar building in your spawn, and it has a limited spawn time or something, like in BF1942 where you called in the bombers through the radar station(s).

    Personally, I’m buying premium for the early access and the new weapons mixing it up.  And the savings.  But I wont be playing the Close Quarters maps in protest to the CoD-ism.  ”Well people want CQC maps because Metro is so popular”, oh ffs DICE, yes it’s popular, for stat padding and league matches only.  Nobody plays it because the map is good.  Rush on Metro is so annoying, especially the first 2 mcoms.

    Armored Kill looks good though, the maps look like Firestorm but maybe bigger.

    Just hope the size isnt nerfed for the damn consoles so we PC players suffer.