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ASUS Transformer AiO boasts dual-boot 18.4-inch desktop tablet

ASUS may be odds on to collaborate with Google for the highly anticipated ‘Nexus’ tablet, but the Taiwanese company are still looking to show they mean business on their own. They have just announced a series of new products, one of which is the impressive looking Transformer AiO.

This funky looking desktop has the ability to transform into a tablet computer, while the AiO ‘All in One’ moniker also serves as a great purpose when it comes to dual-booting. Tech savvy consumers all over the world may be interested in picking this up, as ASUS has said that users can easily use the Transformer AiO to dual-boot from Windows 8 into Android with the press of a button.

We’re guessing that the version of Android is Ice Cream Sandwich, with an upgrade to Jelly Bean likely to come after Google has released it on their Nexus tablet. Complete specifications, as well as pricing and availability are unknown at the moment, but ASUS has said in a press release that the display screen is an LED backlit 18.4-inches in size which is easy to remove from its base when needed.

What will be the main appealing point for consumers though? When detached from the dock it seemingly becomes the world’s biggest tablet at 18.4 inches, but who in their right mind is going to take this out of the home? It could be more useful in having the device placed on the coffee tablet at home for a user to check the daily news and emails in style though.

Given that this isn’t a common product on the market right now, it also means that consumers may have to pay a fair sum to take one home. Hopefully this will be available in the US and Europe at the same time as Taiwan, but we’ll let you know about pricing and availability in more detail, once ASUS discloses more information.

What are your first impressions of this unusual product? Do you have an idea on what you would use an 18.4-inch tablet for?



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