New foes of 2012 MacBook Pro and Air

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 2, 2012

Some of the biggest brands in the laptop business are trying to find ways to gain market share on Apple, and with the new 2012 MacBook Pro moments away and the new MacBook Air following shortly after, how could the competition gain an upper hand? One way would be to do what the Xbox 360 did with their foe, the PS3, and that is release first to gain an upper hand or at least some early sales from the impatient buyer.

Today we’ve seen some reports that show new rivals for the 2012 MacBook Pro and Air are about to release, these include options with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors with dual-core CPUs for maxim battery life and performance. While these dual-core Ultrabooks will not target the 2012 MacBook Pro, experts predict they will aim at a refresh of the MacBook Air. The Pro model will have a growing list of rivals in the coming weeks thanks to other brands packing the latest technology from Intel, and other hardware brands to offer real alternatives to Apple.

Computex 2012 kicks off next week and we’re hearing from Intel on the size of the Ultrabook line-up, which apparently features a variety of more than 110 designs in the works. Reports also state around one third of these new portable computers will be touch screen, which is something some Apple fans want on a new MacBook Air. The thin profiles are around 0.7-inches, and expect good battery life at well over 5 hours. You can read more about the Intel line-up in this article.

Alternatives to the 2012 MacBook Pro – while the finally specs for the new MacBook Pro are not confirmed yet, expect an announcement from Apple at WWDC 2012, we can guess on a few of the features and also look at high-end laptops already announced by other brands that have their sights on the MacBook Pro. The new ZenBook Prime is one such option that features a brushed aluminum frame for a solid form factor, full 1080p IPS display, and also GeForce GT 620M graphics. You can see a quick hands-on with the ZenBook Prime UX32VD here.

Some people are Apple all the way – If the new 2012 Macbook Pro comes in a 15-inch option with a Retina Display, and an SSD with more than 256GB, or even a combo with SSD and normal HDD then it would be a no brainer purchase for some people. Other Apple users are going Apple no matter what, and just hope they get the specs wished for.

Would you consider something other than the new MacBook Pro and Air, or are you only going Apple in 2012? If you’ve seen a good competitor to the MacBook range, then feel free to share a comment below.

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  • Fruit-cocktail

    It’s not likely to get Macbookpro’s with  3g or 4g, this fruit company guys want to sell u the iphone +the macbook pro . This is about the money not about pleasing the dreamy customer.

  • I have been wanting to try out the MacBook as i am getting board of Windows.  Since I need a laptop that is easy to travel with, I need a 13″, but current 13″ models are integrated graphics….I never buy notebooks without dedicated graphics on-board.  If the 13″ pro has nVidia or maybe ATI, I will be getting one.

    • Jesus was a honkey

      Are you planking with windows, or are you bored?

      • I think I wrote that with my iPhone….damn autocorrect. Thank god I wasn’t telling someone to duck off. lol

  • Brain

    The ability to use mobile apps on the new pro mac via the new retina “touch screens” would corner a whole lot of the market.. If not define a new market!

  • Panelo

    It is SO STRANGE that INTEL is paying for this attack via that Ultrabook Fund.

    Why would a chip supplier pay its customer’s competitors to attack?

  • Sam

    3g in laptop is good feature , but don’t think apple will do that.

  • Eduardo Ovies

    Apple to the end
    I am waiting for the new Pro’s
    Cheers from Vancouver.
    Eduardo Ovies

  • Umair

    It will be awesome if we can insert sim in upcoming macbook pro.. I want to use 3g internet on my macbook via my sim card and recieve sms and call directly on my mac… I wish apple port this feature in upcoming model 😡 but i dont think they even think about it….:(

    • Guest

      That’s bloody stupid.

    • Pud

      That is an interesting idea. Not sure how they would keep the implementation clean, however I can see the value, unlike some. 

    • shane12

      stupid…  you can not imagine that how it is complicated to test handset or mobile equipment with call ability

    • Vitor Fernandes1983

      That would be a sucess, and a reason to get the macbook pro if it gets 3g or 4g, I wont even care for calls or sms. Some ipads have 3g so I guess it could become true.