Imagine MacMan 2012, not iMac

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 2, 2012

While I’m writing this short article it’s being done on a 2011 iMac, which depending on the improvements a 2012 iMac brings will mean I’ll upgrade to the latest offering within the next few months. We don’t normally update every year, but if the specs end up including SSD as standard, a new Retina display, and the new Ivy Bridge processors from Intel it might be too tempting.

Steve Jobs did have another name in mind for the iMac, and in 2012 I could have been shopping for a new MacMan, could you imagine that? The Apple MacMan was shown to a group of employees, which included Kevin Segall, and after seeing a desktop computer that was to drive Apple computer sales to new heights, they still needed a final name.

According to this article, an upcoming book by Segall explains how a small group responsible for debating names for the new Apple computer, now known as iMac, had to first hear a name presented by Steve Jobs, which you guessed it was “MacMan“. Segall explains in his book that he was responsible for the “iMac” name, which could’ve easily been something very different. It also seems that Jobs didn’t like the iMac name, and it took a while to persuaded him.

Could you imagine walking into an Apple Store and asking for the new 2012 MacMan? We would have bought one, but as far as names go iMac sounds better to us. Would you buy a MacMan?

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  • Lise

    There’s a lot to be said about being used to something though. If we’d been buying MacMan…s (MacMen?) for years, we probably wouldn’t think it’s quite so weird. I mean, iMac probably sounds bizarre to someone unfamiliar with Apple product naming, too (if you could find such a person). And I know pretty much every woman past puberty in the United States laughed her ass off when the iPad was first announced, but we’re used to it now.