New BF3 patch ignores B2K crashes, TV missile problems

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2012

After giving you the full lowdown on Battlefield Premium which EA has now had to confirm, we now have some important news for you to read through regarding the next major patch update. It is going live on June 4th, the very same day of EA’s E3 2012 keynote and also the same day when Battlefield Premium buyers will be able to play the Close Quarters expansion early.

Just like the last patch update for the game, DICE has made a vast amount of changes that require careful examination before heading into battle on June 4th. The most notable change to start with has to be the changes to the M26 Dart attachment, as you be pleased to hear that DICE has finally fixed up the problem so the attachment doesn’t fire out rifle rounds instead of shotgun rounds.

The developer has also revealed that they have again tweaked the amount of suppression seen in game after a wave of criticism from the last patch update. Heading into the list of vehicle changes, there are a number of changes made that should affect the way you play considerably. We see a change has been made to the F35 jets to make them more maneuverable, but another big change is that helicopters won’t deal out as much damage to tanks now with guided rockets.

At the moment you can disable a tank on a full clip of rockets and then destroy it after a quick strafe on the second. DICE obviously feels that this is a little too overpowered, so we’re guessing that tanks will now have a better chance of getting away after the first wave of missiles dealt. Another significant change made is that the ECM jammer for jets and helicopters will now deflect incoming missiles more effectively after the jammer has been activated. At the moment, you can still get hit if you fail to press the jammer before a lock on, but hopefully this change will now mean that fast maneuvers whilst the jammer is activated will make incoming missiles miss their target.

There’s a lot of improvements and tweaks to read through, so make sure you take some time to study the full patch notes here. As you may have expected, there are also many things that DICE has failed to fix and we can think of several from the top of our heads. For some reason, DICE still hasn’t addressed the amount of console crashes on PS3 that is going on in the Back to Karkand maps. We’ve lost count of the numerous times that Gulf of Oman freezes up and despite tons of feedback from you stating the same thing, DICE still doesn’t see it as a problem worthy of addressing in the June 4th patch update.

They also seem to be completely ignoring the TV Missile problems on console as well. At the moment, the unlock is completely useless on console as it is near-impossible to control it once it has been fired. It seems to be working as intended on PC, but on console there really is no point using it with the current control system. There are also periods when the TV missile just goes awol and you end up getting that fussy frequency screen for a few seconds, then come back to the game and find yourself dead.

Another thing that they haven’t fixed yet is the horns on the jeeps. This is obviously a minor issue compared to the rest of the problems, but from what we can see the jeeps have a 50/50 chance of having a working horn. Most of the time we get in a jeep, the horn just doesn’t work – it’s completely unreliable and especially annoying if you want it to get the attention of your teammates.

There are lots of positive changes in this latest patch update, but unfortunately there’s still a lot of issues left in the game as well. DICE can’t please everyone though we’re guessing and it will be interesting to see what everyone makes of Battlefield Premium when it goes live on June 4.

Let us know if you have been experiencing the horns, TV missile and crashes on B2K like we have. Additionally, if DICE have left out other issues still in the game, share those with us below as well. Are you happy with this patch update or not?

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  • Carldirz

    I can’t win a round with out my ps3 locking up wtf any one else with this prob?

  • Fire488

    Still no talk of a Battle Recorder or Spectator mode for the PC? The lack of this feature has rendered admins useless in defense against hackers and the use of exploits. I run a gaming league for many games, BF3 being one of them and it is very hard with no reliable anti cheat or mode to observe players.
    I am satisfied about some of the fixes, but not totally I guess…

  • Nin696

    Im guessing most of these issues are PS3 related. I dont have any crashes or jeep problems on the 360. Now the TV missles are just as useless but no death issues with them.

  • Bethebest2008

    my only gripe was the quick find a game, throws me in to some 5 billion ticket game now with the new moded servers, but i quickly got round that by just serching dice in the server browser, but being a fan of call of duty, out loud i didnt really care about bf3 when they announced it, wasnt overly struck on bf bad company and all the ones from the past and so on, out loud i was like cod will sell millions more than bf3, bf3 will be just as rubbish as the last, (in my opinion) so we we will all buy modern warfare 3, everything will be fine, the end……….. how wrong i was, quietly i kept my eye on bf3, and kept tabs on all the new anouncements, frostbite 2 was starting to really stand out, and then trailer after trailer, by now i was sold, i was completely sold on something new, and im so glad i got it, because its brilliant, at first i was just getting used to the controlls, and i was really stuggling to compete, i knew the mistake i was making though, i was trying to play call of duty style on battlefield, big mistake, i got my head beat off, bf3 needed a bit more thought on the likes of conquest, and rush, but the over all atmosphear of the game, the distruction on the buildings and trees and surroundings were just superb, and sound was very impressive, the graphics are really great, and for the first time, after i got used to it, i didnt actually care for the new mw3 even when i got it, by comparrison i was in no doubt wich was better as a game, but only if you give it a chance, not some quick run around like call of duty required. i understand now bf isnt to everyones taste, if you wanna run around as fast as you can, have a great time with your friends, as i have many times in the past and still do (on black ops i must admit), shoot as many people as possable, and get great scores and just have a great time in general, then call of duty is definatly worth it, but if you want to go to war, experience something deep and thoughtful, and out right spectacular (in my opinion) then there can be no doubt, battlefield is awesome too.

    • Nin696


      • Bethebest2008

        funny u say that, as i wrote it out i was wearing a batman t shirt